Cable Talking Head Conundrum
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Cable Talking Head Conundrum

We find ourselves in a technological quandry.  This writer is an amateur politica junkie (is that an oxy moron), or just moronic?  Does Oxy imply a clean moron?  No matter – today we find ourselves struggling to find real news and intelligent commentary on the cable ‘news’ channels.

Wolf Blitzer is just a bore, welcome to the situation room.  Blitzer reminds me of myself at my adult children’s house on Christmas Evening – Sit in the corner grandpa and try not to interrupt.  Chris Mathews has a great background and occasionally applies his knowledge to current events – but his offensive rude behavior, particularly toward women, reminds us of the new Pakistani President meeting with Sarah Palin.  Bill O’Reilly is very entertaining – if you like slap stick.  O’Reilly obviously grew up watching the three stooges – he thinks it is funny to hit people with hammers.

Anderson Cooper has put together the best guest panel.  There are both Democratic and Republican partisans on the program with Cooper – but the atmosphere of Cooper’s mediating brings out the best in them.  We particularly like David Gergin (If Gergin is mispelled it is a typo).

But the most over the top of the talking heads has to be Keith Olberman.  He comes from the Wilborn and Kornheiser school of journalism.  Transferring his sports personality to politics has been interesting – but his success has magnified his most ludicrous outrages.

Ben Afffleck played the role of Olberman on Saturday Night Live – This may be Afffleck’s best performance ever:

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