Redneck Gazette – Obama Gonna Win
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Redneck Gazette – Obama Gonna Win

Redneck Gazette

Election Prediction

Obama Gonna Be President

McCain Goes Home

It looks like this here election is a done deal. That fella from Illinois attracted most of the people. And we can tell you why. Because he did a better job – that is why.

Some folks around here talked about him being a man of color. And we thought about that too. But when we was talking about how we gonna get through the winter what is coming – well, that about done the deal.

We figure there is two ways to go in this country – we went right in the last two elections. That did not work out so good. We think maybe we ought to go a little to the left.

We have been left, and we have been right. Neither one of them worked out so good. We is thinking that maybe we ought to go down the middle.

We listened to that Obama fella and he talked about us being able to go to the doctor. We liked what he said. He said something about if you was working you could keep your insurance. But if you was not working he would help out some.

We like that better. And the other folks around here like him better too – so we think Obama is going to be President.

That ornery McCain told us he was a maverick. The last time a maverick come to town we had to run him off. That maverick kept stirring thing up. Everyone was always in a tizzy about something.

We could not get no work done. We was busy all the time just trying to keep an eye on that maverick fella. There was just no telling what he might do next.

So we figure if we gets a maverick for the President then we will have to be checking the news every day. Right now we just checks maybe on Tuesday and Friday.

That McCain is a maverick just like he said he was. Every day he said something different about how he was gonna help us keep our job. Then he said he was going to buy up all the bank notes. We don’t like the idea of the gov’ment owning our bank loan. That bank is bad enough.

But that is what mavericks do. You never know where they is going and what they is gonna do when they get there.

We figure it might be better for us if he just goes home and takes care of his ranch. Someone said he has a nice spread down in Arizona.

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