Redneck Gazette – Obama Uses Common Sense
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Redneck Gazette – Obama Uses Common Sense

Redneck Gazette

Second Edition

Punkin Center, Missouri, BR-777

Obama Uses Missouri Common Sense

Fannie Mae is goin fishing

We been listening to that fella Barack Obama. It sounds like he uses plain old Missouri Common Sense.

Figure this out. Obama is talking about that over on Wall Street. We think that is in a big town somewhere. It is the place where all the money goes when it ain’t spent on groceries.

Anyway, that Obama fella said that the folks on Wall Street was giving money to our Congressman – so the Congressman would make the law easier for them to move that money around.

Senator Obama said that it is just common sense to make sure people holding our money does the right thing with it. He said they took a bunch right off the top for the ornery folks running the bank. Well if that don’t beat all. It seemed to us they would have had some rules all along.

But that goes to show you – you got to have someone in the gov’ment lookin out for the regular folks like you and me.

That Senator Obama is gonna be President. Then we will have someone using some common sense in that white house.

Fannie Mae said the other day that she is goin’ fishin’. She said since the factry closed she ain’t got no money for the pig noses down at the market.

We know about that. We goes to Billy Bob’s Bait Shop to get our stories for this here paper. Billy Bob said it sure is funny. More people is fishing, but he ain’t selling as much bait.

We had to ask him, “How come is that?”

He said the funny thing about when people ain’t got no money is that they have to fishing to catch their own food. But if they ain’t got no money then they has to go catch their own bait.

When people got money they go fishing to relax and enjoy the weather. When they got money they buy their bait at the Bait Shop.

What else he said is that when people ain’t got no money the catch crawdads and earth worms for two things. They use them to fish and they brings them to the Bait Shop. They think I should buy the bait from them.

That is how you know when the economy is bad.

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