Redneck Gazette – Obama New President
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Redneck Gazette – Obama New President

Redneck Gazette

Third Edition

Punkin Center, Missouri, BR-777

Obama Wins Presidency!

Obama Bring Hope

A Time of Despair

Obama done gone and won more votes to be the 44th President of the United States of America. And the electors in college like him best too.

We was pretty sure that Obama was gonna win cause all the folks at the Bait Shop was saying they was gonna vote for him. Well, all but Bobby Ray. Bobby Ray grumbles around so much even the fish won’t bite.

Bobby Ray say he is Republican cause he wants America to go over to other countries and make Christians out of them folks. And if they wont be Christians then we just kill them. Then the world will be Christian.

Obama say he gonna go over there himself and talk to those people what is mad at us. We think that is a good thing. Keeping up an old feud just don’t pay much good.

We seen Senator Obama on television and he talked about hope for the future. He gonna help us get health care. We needed some of that so all of us voted for him.

When the polls opened at the General Store we was already there, waiting around the old stove, warming our feet, waiting to warm our Country.

Us folks in America been having a hard time of it these past bunch of years. When those nutty people flew them airplanes into them buildings we hung our flag like everone else. We is patriots.

But then that George Bush was so pumped full of adrenaline he could not keep his eye on the ball. He went around knocking over other countries. Then he calmed down a realized what he done and we is all paying to fix the problems.

While we was paying to fix the war we got too much other stuff going on and now some of can’t pay our other bills. How was we to know that the factry would close?

Whilst the President was busy watching his war on television he forgot to watch them rascals what runs the banks. They done went and took the money for a big vacation or something. We don’t exactly know what they did with the money – but we know it is gone.

But don’t fret no more. The new President is gonna hire a new sheriff and make some new rules. That should bridle the wild mustangs what been running things.

President Obama gonna be good for America.

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