*Hank’s Giving Day Turkey
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*Hank’s Giving Day Turkey

This is a recipe out of my Hank Jr cookbook.  My wife cooked this at our first home cooked Thanksgiving and it turned out wonderful.  This cookbook is chock full of recipes for parties, everyday meals and wild game.

1   turkey, washed and drained

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp salt

1 tsp paprika

4 tsps hot water

1/2 cup cooking oil

1-2 onions

3-4 ribs celery

1 clove garlic

Make paste of pepper, salt, paprika, hot water and oil.  Coat turkey inside and out, place whole onions, celery and garlic inside turkey.  Grease a large brown paper grocery bag inside and out with cooking oil.  Place turkey inside bag and fold over edge 2 or 3 times and staple together.  Bake at 325 deg F, about 12 minutes per pound.  Do not open while cooking.  Let stand 15 minutes before opening.  Carefully remove turkey from bag and reserve broth for gravy.

Comment: The thing my wife liked about this was how the bag kept the meat nice and juicy as compared to other years we just covered in foil.  I made twice as much paste.

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  1. It would also reduce the amount of dishes left over from dinner preparations as the paper bag is something you could throw away.

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