Rahm Emanuel: Middle-class tax-cut near
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Rahm Emanuel: Middle-class tax-cut near

by Mark Silva

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, President-elect Barack Obama’s designated chief of staff, asked how his reputation for rough, partisan political warfare will square with his role in the new president’s White House, promised that Obama will set a bipartisan “tone.”

Obama also is intent on delivering tax relief for the middle-class, Emanuel said today, while refusing to be pinned down on a question about delaying any tax increase for the wealthiest Americans in the midst of an economic crisis.

“President-elect Obama is very clear… that we have to govern in a bipartisan fashion,” Emanuel (D-Ill.) said on ABC News’ This Week With George Stephanopoulos “Ge has always said that we have to be bipartisan. The challenges are big enough that we have to go to members of both parties as well as independents… That is the tone. He has set it for us.”

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