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The Barack Obama Fan Club

Barack Obama has a fan club.  The fans own the club.  They are the club.  Without the fans there would be no club.  The Barack Obama Fan Club is inclusive, anyone who wants to join is welcome.  And no one knows this better than Barack Obama.  Obama defined the rules before the Fan Club was organized.

Success breeds success.  Two years ago Obama went to Iowa (Somewhere in the middle of the United States) and told the folks there about the club he was forming.  He invited them to join.  Decisions in Iowa are made about as fast as the corn grows.  But the Obama Fan Club had nutritious historical soil, proper amounts of moist hope, and plenty of optimistic sun.  The field of dreams produced a bumper crop.

Obama traveled the country, telling others about his Iowa corn.  This club, he said, would be warm and comforting.  The Fans would have a voice in this club.  When the fans speak the Icon of the club listens.

Barack Obama said, “Let me tell you about this new Fan Club:

  • This club listens when people speak.
  • This club seeks reconciliation with others.
  • This club believes in fair treatment to taxpayers.
  • This club believes all the Fans should be able to trust their Bank.
  • This club believes all the Fans should have good roads.
  • This club believes all Fans should have access to Health Care.
  • This club believes all Fans should have the opportunity of good education.
  • This club believes all people should have opportunities for good jobs.
  • This club believes all people should be treated equally.
  • This club believes all Fans have the right to Privacy.
  • This club will extend these benefits to everyone, even if they choose not to join the club.”

People around the country began joining the club.  The club grew.  Then people around the world began to notice.  They wanted to join the club.  Unable to overcome geographic obstacles, they joined the club of Obama Ideology.

The Barack Obama Fan Club spread around the world.

On November 4, 2008, the Fan Club became official.  There would be one club, and Barack Obama would be the Iconic Leader.

Barack Obama stood before his fans around the world, “This is your club.  If we plant good seeds in nutritious soil, we can grow more corn.  We can share the corn around the world.  And the world will be healthy – nurtured by the corn grown in a field of hope and optimism.”

We offer this forum for Fans to write of their hope and optimism, of ideas for the club, and expression of gratitude for our Iconic Leader, President-Elect Barack Obama.

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