Oh Deer! Concerns Raised About Venison
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Oh Deer! Concerns Raised About Venison

They’ll be harder to spot in a North Dakota blizzard than they were in a Maine meadow. (Pat Wellenbach/ Associated Press).


Schools are closed in some districts in North Dakota today, but it’s not because a blizzard hit the state on Thursday, shutting down some of the main highways.

In places like Dickinson and Hettinger, N.D., Nov. 7 was marked on the calendar long ago because it is the opening of firearms deer-hunting season. Since so many students — and even, dare we say, teachers — play hooky to go hunting when the season starts, some school boards figured it was pointless to fight the inevitable.

“Ever since I was in high school in Devils Lake, there was all kinds of young people who missed school for the opening day of deer season,” Randy Kreil, the state Game and Fish Department’s wildlife division chief, told The Associated Press. “It was almost expected.”

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