Palin Soaks Up Media Spotlight
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Palin Soaks Up Media Spotlight

ABC’s Kate Snow reports:

Bill McAllister is suddenly a very busy man.  As spokesman for the Governor of Alaska, his role was pretty much taken over in an instant last August — the moment Governor Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate.  The McCain campaign quickly selected a brand new team of communication specialists to travel with her and work out of McCain’s Virginia headquarters, while McAllister kept the office lights on back in Alaska.

But ever since last Tuesday, when all those campaign aides disbanded and scattered off to long-delayed vacations, McAllister has been inundated.  The requests for interviews are pouring in.  “Hundreds of ’em,” McAllister says.

And Palin is accepting.  She just did an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in Miami.  Tonight she’ll be the featured guest on Larry King Live.  Yesterday it was the Today Show with Matt Lauer.  On Monday Greta van Susteren came by to talk.  And there will be more before the week is through.

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  1. Palin, Palin, everywhere. . . and not a drop of intelligence.

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