Life or Death – Warrior Virtues
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Life or Death – Warrior Virtues

The disaster of September 11, 2001, redefined our nation’s leadership. Perhaps. It may also be that the disaster of terrorism merely focused or gave clarity to a foregone destiny.

Our President, George W. Bush, issued his proclamation. He did so with a sense of nobility right out of the Dark Ages. He said, “There is an old poster out West that says, ‘Wanted, Dead or Alive.'” This proclamation shocked the scholarly world. But it satisfied the needs of vigilant resentment and retribution.

The Noble Classes of the Dark Ages were not prone to deep thinking – they did not have to be. Own everything, protect what you own – nothing complicated. Values were simple – Loyalty to Lord and Country, bravery was the virtue, fighting men were to be honored as Knights. Power and control in defense of the Class System were paramount.

When threatened, real or perceived, the Monarchy and the Lords of the Manors would marshal their forces. Knights with superior horses and armor were called upon to serve. The Knights possessed the best in warrior technology. They served with honor for this was their destiny – they relished the opportunity for war. War presented them with opportunity. The opportunity to show their courage, bravery, and loyalty – the highest values. War provided opportunity to show off their noble steed and their shining armor. Their skill at wielding a battle ax was a great marvel. Well managed by a strong young Knight, the battle ax was a smart bomb.

Thoughts of civilization, thoughts of humanity, thoughts of economy, and thoughts of spirituality all took a back seat to the coveted opportunities of War.

Virtue defines right and wrong. And loyalty and bravery define virtue. We exist today in an era of disguised class warfare. The King has called upon his knights to demonstrate their courage. The call of honor to fight for the King has been answered. Our Knights are falling on distant battlefields. The mental trap has been set.

We can not defile the courage of the Knights. It is their destiny to either live or die in the service of God and Country. Any criticism of our military is met with shouts of treason. Criticizing the war in Iraq itself carries with it the fear of discounting our noble Knights. Diplomacy as a virtue is overruled by the Warrior Class. What is a thinking man to do?

The Crusades of the Dark Ages were fought on the same battle grounds as today. The enemies were defined as heathen savages, following the wrong faith, threatening our Christian way of life. Two of our most sacred graven images have been defiled. The Holy Shrine of capitalism – the World Trade Center, and the Castle Keep, protecting Lord Rumsfield, were violently attacked. Our symbols of commerce and military – the images most worshiped by the Noble Class.

We in this great American country of The United States are proud and honorable. Do not attack our most sacred virtues. Osama Bin Laden is an evil criminal who must be brought to justice – but he is no fool. Attacking the National Cathedral in Washington D. C. would not have brought about the same clamor for justice.

Osama Bin Laden selected his targets carefully. His targets were designed to engender the most hostile response. He should get just what he asked for.

But that does not mean that we should forfeit our rights as thinking people with higher virtues than power and control.

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