Drive Free, Retire Rich
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Ohg Rea Tone is all or nothing. He is educated and opinionated, more clever than smart, sarcastic and forthright. He writes intuitively - often disregarding rules of composition. Comment on his posts - he will likely respond with characteristic humor or genuine empathy. He is the real-deal.

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Drive Free, Retire Rich

Dave Ramsey has good advice for managing the expense of owning an automobile in America today.  Check him out at Drive Free, Retire Rich

  1. We Love Our Cars
  2. The normal way of thinking
  3. Dragging a Payment
  4. What they don’t tell you
  5. After Six Years
  6. What if…
  7. Let’s Think Differently
  8. A Major upgrade
  9. Let’s keep going
  10. Let’s go crazy
  11. Remember where you were
  12. Six years in the future
  13. Free Cars
  14. Life Without a car payment
  15. One Decision

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