Huckabee’s Choice Words for Romney
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Huckabee’s Choice Words for Romney

Ah, memories.

Among The Caucus’s favorites from campaign days gone by were those from the bitterly cold days of December 2007 preceding the Iowa caucuses, when the silver-tongued Mike Huckabee and his indefatigable sparring partner, Mitt Romney, circled and slashed at each other from dawn until dusk.

The episodes are now in reruns with the release of Mr. Huckabee’s new book, “Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement that’s Bringing Common Sense Back to America,” which hits bookstores tomorrow.

The release of a few choice morsels today, in which Mr. Huckabee dug in anew at Mr. Romney, sparking a back and forth between the opposing camps — both believed to be weighing another run in 2012 — reminiscent of those bright shiny days from a year ago.
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