Palin – Everything That Is Wrong With America
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Palin – Everything That Is Wrong With America

Sarah Palin is on the airways.  Most notably defending herself against accusations of incompetence by ‘anonymous’ members of the John McCain Campaign staff.  With tags like diva and whack job, Palin took some personal hits.  If Palin is the future of the Republican Party – then the future of the Republican Party is in deep trouble.  Palin represents everything that is wrong with America.

Sarah Palin has no concept of education.  She has no concept of literature, of the humanities, of history, of geography, of international relations, of natural science, of the Universe, or of science in general –  Everything that is wrong with America.  And the Republican Party owns this label.  The leaders of the Republican Party of the past thirty years sold the soul of the Grand Old Party for fanatically ignorant support at the polls.

Palin has actually stated in clear terms the depth of foreign policy reaches as far as the eye can see.  This myopic view led the United States into Middle East wars without the support of the world community.  The shallow and arrogant idea that our country can act unilaterally in all cases denies any historical understanding of international relations.

There is an overwhelming consensus in the scientific community about global climate change.  Palin, like George Bush and Dick Cheney, acknowledge the ice is melting – but deny human causation.  Dick Cheney knows better – but his support of big oil takes precedence over the future of humanity.  Bush and Palin just follow the Cheney party line.

Any study of interpretive literature, and of historical fact, informs us of the problematic ignoring of the lower class of people.  This arrogance of the noble class has always led to ultimate rebellion.  Bush, Cheney, McCain, and Palin should be grateful they do not live in 1790’s France.  Their heads would roll.

Sarah Palin is of the radical religious right – the fanatics who believe in Biblical creationism as science.  Those folks are as wacko as the Islamic Fundamentalists of the Middle East who teach hate of infidels to their children.  This writer does not at all discredit the Bible as a great work of theology – we merely recognized the purpose of the Bible was theological, not science and history.  The earth is not flat, the heavens do not revolve around us, and evolution is practical science.

Like it or not, Governor Palin, the Bible does not take precedence over our Constitution.  Actually, the Constitution protects the right to worship however one chooses – and it grants that right to all people of our country, not just the religious fanatics.  The United States is not a theocracy – is not governed by religion.  The United States is a country of law.

Denying the protection of privacy from government intrusion into the lives of individuals is contrary to the protection granted in our Constitution.  The denial of historical understanding results in poor decision making.  The denial of scientific inquiry results in poor decision making.  Elevating the Bible over the Constitution results in poor decision making.

The governance of our country these past thirty years has been dominated by the shallow pandering of the fundamentalist religious right.  The result is a country:

  • mired in debt to other countries who are not our friends,
  • multiple wars,
  • loss of real income by Americans,
  • loss of respect by the world community,
  • unchecked global climate change,
  • energy dependence on countries that are not our friends,
  • proliferation of state sanctioned gambling casinos,
  • rampant drug addiction,
  • tripling of our prison population,
  • government intervention into the private lives of American citizens,
  • and jobs exported to countries who produce shoddy products to be sold in America.

Sarah Palin represents the fanatical right wing, and all that is wrong with our country.

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  1. It’s not only the lack of education that defines Palin, it’s also her embrace of, and willingness to espouse, the hate filled world of right wing fanatics. I’ve said she is Rush in a skirt from Neiman Marcus and Jimmy Choo heels.

  2. Palin is a breath of fresh air. Just because you choose not to believe what the Bible said does not mean it is not truth. This is intolerance from those who do not want to reconize they will be accountable for their actions.

  3. i hope to god that Palin doesn’t run for 2012. I am so happy Obama is president elect right now. In 2012 America may be on a roll for change. They elected the first black president in 2008. Lets hope that just because we have made history this term, that eyes don’t close and try to make history again by electing the first woman president (sarah palin). She will be a plague to this country!!!!

  4. The word is spelled “precedence,” and much as I agree with you, it is a fiction that the Constituion establishes a right of privacy. Such a right is one of human decency.Of course, the Supreme Court has invented such a “right.”

  5. I agree with this article completely. But “Their heads would role.”? Come on. If you’re going to cast aspersions about education, perhaps a little proof-reading would help your cause.

  6. “Palin represents everything that is wrong with America.”

    Uh, no. There is nothing “wrong” with our country. We are simply a diverse populace with diverse ideas. The good news is that we can disagree and peacefully act upon those disagreements — through our elected representatives. Indeed, our country is very “right” despite our disagreements.

  7. Elaine, I disagree with you. I don’t believe in the Bible. That is, I do not believe it contains very much, if anything, in the way of valuable truth. There are hundreds of millions of people in the world who also do not believe in the Bible, as you probably, in your teeny weeny world of superstition, are not aware of. Your words speak volumes about you: You have obviously chosen not to use your God-given brain, preferring instead to remain in the realm of ignorance, bigotry and intolerance. Like you, I hope that Mrs. Palin, who seems to be just ignorant, bigoted and intolerant as you are, will choose to run in 2012.

  8. Palin is such a joke. I don’t trust people who are religious fanatics like her. I’ve known too many of them who go to church for 1 hour on Sunday and spend the rest of the time stabbing their neighbors in the back.

    It’s hilarious that she can be a bible thumper at the *exact same time* she violates the 10 commandments. Hypocrite anyone?

  9. There is no reason to insult people who beleive in the bible. They beleive what they beleive just as much as you beleive what you beleive, and in, no matter how much you beleive you are right, there will always be billions of people out there who disagree with you.
    That being said, I don’t think Palin’s faith is the problem, or her feelings about guns and hunting.
    The author mentions how Palin’s lack of respect for foreign affairs is part of a growing epedimic of american arrogance. But Palin takes it one step further, she alienates half of our own country. She divided the nation into real america (small towns) and, i guess, a group of unpatriotic liberal elitists. (those of us in big cities). How can you hope to lead the country if you really only care about half of us? Barack Obama wants to serve all Americans, no matter where they happened to be born or raised. That is the reason that he won, and that she lost. I think she is a great person and a beautiful woman, but she will never hold national office until she learns to respect the opinions and values of the rest of us.

  10. Actually, it’s a Snope that the Constitution doesn’t include the right to privacy. The Ninth Amendment explains that the People of the United States also have many other rights that are not explicitly written down in the Constitution. The Founding Fathers recognized that it was impossible to set down specifically every right that human beings have, so they just wrote down a few important ones, and then used the Ninth to say that there are, of course, other human rights.

    The Supreme Court and the Congress and the general will of the people are clear: humans have a right to privacy. It is unbearable to be deprived of it, and that’s cruel. It’s perfectly legal for the government to make laws protecting this privacy right, it in no way conflicts with any part of the Constitution. Check it out!

  11. Your ignorance is breathtaking. The Bible does NOT talk of a flat earth. Nor does it represent that the sun revolves around the earth.

  12. No, the Bible does not say the Earth is flat, nor does it say that the Sun revolves around the Earth. But for 1500 years Christians claimed those truths to affirm their central theory that mankind is the center of God’s world. That reality should cause us to pause and ask, What are we extrapolating from the Bible today that is not true?
    Creation Science?
    Subordination of Women?
    Speaking in Tongues?
    End of Times Prophecies?
    Obama is the Anti-Christ?
    Hitler was sent by God to punish Jews?
    Katrina was sent by God to punish New Orleans?
    Aid is God’s punishment for homosexuality?
    The Mormons claiming that Catholicism is the Church of the Devil?
    Or Jerry Falwell claiming that 911 was God’s punishment for America’s sins?

    Or how about Fred Phelps chanting “Thank God for Dead Soldiers?”

    These are the ideas expressed by followers of Sarah Palin.

    What other loony ideas are extrapolated from that beautiful book of theology – The Bible?

  13. The willingness to embrace ignorance like a lost child is the problem with Palin. Religion is a problem with her because she allows her personal religious beliefs to replace inttelect. Although the bible might not advocate the flat world theory, it has enough childlike explanations for things to make anyone with an IQ over 70 to take notice. Those who don’t notice, well, I would rather they not be in charge of the government of the most powerful nation in the world. It might be well suited for some third world countries where there are people already suffering, we might not notice the difference.

  14. Ohg Rea Tone – You have an obvious hatred of anyone that isn’t just like you. Furthermore, your lack of education and common sense comes through in the words you write. Responding to a moron with your kind of thinking is actually a waste of time.

  15. I see Sarah Palin as an honorable, gracious, bright, knowledgeable woman of integrity. Don’t you see that it’s silly to refer to her as dumb and ignorant. When I read remarks like that, I think it’s dumb of the writer. Certainly shouldn’t come from a smart person. Anyone can see she’s educated. We all need to rise above all this tearing down. That’s what the scriptures will say, ha. Have you given thought to the fact that our nation was founded on Christian principles? Compare America to all others. Couldn’t that be the fact that we are so strong and admired, and so many want to make this their home? I’ve heard it proclaimed all my life. The Christian life is a victorious one. When you live in harmony with God’s design, you will have PEACE, guaranteed. That can’t be such a bad thing. I’ve wondered why hate is attributed to us Christians, and I’m thinking it’s because we come out so strongly AGAINST THAT WHICH IS NOT RIGHT. Wrong is Wrong, no matter how many think differently. Right is Right, no matter how many think otherwise. How can it be such a horrible thing that we Christians want a blessed life for all? How can that possibly be a bad thing? Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow. ~Pat, Texas

  16. Actually, the language used in Genesis and the rest of the Bible DOES describe a flat Earth. In fact, the creation story in Genesis does not even make any sense, unless it’s interpreted with an understanding of ancient cosmology.

  17. Revelations 7:1
    “Then I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds so they did not blow
    on the earth or the sea, or even on any tree”

    This was written by a man who believed in the flat earth theory, and thus wrote the vision as if it were talking about an Earth that was flat. Therefore, if the bible is literally the truth, then God is telling us that those satellite things we are throwing up in the air aren’t really circling the planet.

    Or one could accept the bible as a theological truth, and that the descriptions the bible uses regarding the creation of the universe might have a truth that has nothing to do with the mechanics of how the Earth was created, or of how God actually created all of the various life forms that do exist, or used to exist, on this world.

    The problem with using the bible as a basis for scientific truth is that many of the facts biblical science denies are wrapped up in how things work on a daily basis. The speed of light, and the provable red shift that shows stars which are hundreds of millions of light years away (meaning the light has been travelling for a hundred million years), may be denied by creationists who say the earth is 6 thousand years old or so, but that very law which states the speed of light is integral in the proper function of the computer that I am using to write this message.

    Christians must move past a literal interpretation of the bible and open themselves up to the greater spiritual truths inside it, or else each newer generation will be less inclined to follow the teachings of one Jesus of Nazareth.

    And isn’t that the point of being a Christian?

  18. Many of the arguments are directed at Sola Scriptura and the Western church. For a deeper and broader perspective — through a different lens — consider the history and Tradition of the Eastern church.

  19. The Bible does not take precedence over the constitution for political matters. The constitution is the result of men that followed the principles of the Bible in writing the constitution. Spinning cannot remove facts. God is mentioned throughout our history – Maryland comes to mind – founded specifically by religious people for religious freedom.
    This list of results attributed to the fundamentalist right belongs mostly to their opposition.
    Recent figures show higher incomes across the board during the last 8 years.
    Respect was @ a low point during the Clinton yrs. Unanswered attacks were numerous.
    Global changes are as old as the planet – all the left wants to do is take more money. DO SOMETHING – nevermind that they’ll march off in the wrong direction………..
    Energy dependence is the result of the left restricting known proven sources.
    Drug addiction & gambling – hardly problems that can be laid @ the feet of the people that protest the building of new casinos. The faith based addiction recovery centers have better track records than others attempting the same results. Our newly elected president wants to lower the penalties for drug offenses. This is a left wing “anything goes” approach that will have dire consequences.
    Government intervention hit a high note in Waco TX by the Clinton administration. Dead men/women/children @ the hands of federal troops.
    Bubba & wife championed NAFTA – it was not fundamentalist people selling this scheme. We’ll see what “re-negotiating” does for us under the left charging governance recently elected.
    Wars will not cease because of any recent elections – we’ve always had them & always will. Obama has backed or retroactively endorsed intervention in Pakistan/Zimbabwe.
    “The denial of historical understanding results in poor decision making.” Historical evidence is constantly ignored by the legislative branch. Lowering taxes increases revenue being one of them.

  20. Whenever I hear Palin’s voice, I long for The Gong Show. I so wish to hear that Gong drown her out.

  21. 7, November 2008

    Sarah Palin
    Governor of Alaska
    Alaska State Capital Building

    Dear Sarah:

    I want to thank you for putting yourself into the fray that was the last presidential campaign. I am certain had you known what you were getting yourself into and what you would have to endure, you may have chosen to avoid the exposure.

    I for one was delighted to see a woman with Reaganesque values chosen as John McCain’s running mate. I was not supportive of McCain’s campaign prior to you joining the ticket. I like John McCain a lot. I applaud his service to the country and his incredible bravery and courage to choose to remain in a North Vietnamese prison until others taken prisoner before him were released. But I was not committed to vote for the party due to his immigration policy. I was so excited to hear you speak at the Republican convention. Finally, a candidate that was speaking to my Christian values and the values that our great democracy was founded upon; I was excited!

    I am a 59 year young male. I am a United States merchant marine deck officer. My only visits to Alaska were aboard the tanker ship ARCO Juneau in late 1979. But you are in charge of a beautiful state. I can’t help but wonder why you would choose to trade it in for Washington D.C., but …….

    Now that the campaign is over, you continue to be unfairly attacked by your own party and McCain staffers; so much so that the Democrats are coming to your defense. What next?

    I have a 26 year old step daughter that is a violinist. She was touring Europe with the Stuttgart Bach Festival for the past 90 days, returning just 3 days prior to the election. I was talking with her on the telephone when the subject of the election came up. No sooner had we begun our conversation than she began disparaging tones and invectives directed at you. I was taken aback! My response was to inform her that I thought you

    were the most righteous woman to come along in American politics in the last 30 years. I reminded her that her exposure to American politics has been filtered through the lenses of her liberal college professors. Her attitudes have surely been unduly influenced by her
    exposure to her musician union mailers as she is far too bright to be fooled by some
    moronic union business agents’ political mailers. I reminded her of her Christian values
    and how Obamas’ are at odds with Christian values both on abortion and democracy. I wonder whether she voted her Christian heritage or succumbed to the pervasive attitudes of today’s liberal youth?

    She was raised in the former Soviet Union in Ukraine. I reminded her that the reason so many Eastern European women are seeking American husbands are that so many Russian men, the entrepreneurial spirit zapped from them by the communist system, have been turned into insensitive drunks. Now, in an expression of gratitude for her new life in this great democracy she is preparing to cast her vote for socialism. Let’s tax the enthusiasm out of the American young people and send them to bars for medication. Let’s transform this great democracy into a shadow of its’ former greatness by killing our unborn babies by aborting them fifteen minutes before their normal viability. Let’s give every illegal alien that can sneak across the border social security benefits that I have paid into for 45 years and will probably never see a dime of. Thank you Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein!

    So, in conclusion, while I wonder why you would ever venture into this lions den again, I hope you do. Why would you not want to continue to enjoy your career in the beautiful state of Alaska where you enjoy an 80% approval rate beyond the repulsive efforts of the liberals and the socialists to attack you and your family? You so did not deserve the attacks that were leveled against you.

    I have three hopes as we move forward from this election. I hope you realize how important you were to the party and the McCain campaign. I hope Anya comes to her senses and realizes how she has been manipulated by her liberal professors and her union. And, lastly, I hope I am wrong about Barrack Hussein Obama and company. Will I support your future in national politics,” you betcha!”


    Eric Nowlin
    Commercial Flooring Specialist, Healthcare

  22. Ohg Rea Tone – Everything That’s Wrong With America

    With a mind like a steel trap, hard and closed, Ohg Rea Tone sets the tone for an accurate description of what is wrong with America right now. Drapping onseself in claims of compassion, understanding, tolerance, and intellect that is touched by the automatic condemnation of anything that does not fit that very narrow worldview that is allowed.

    Opinios and facts that don’t agree with the groupthink must be supressed. The author’s opinions must be regarded as fact, regardless of their inherent lack of value; after all, it is mindles repitiion of the groupthink and is therefore correct.

    Dissenting thought must be suppressed while spouting the mantra of tolerance and diversity (as long as it fits within the narrow mind of the author).

    I must compliment Ohg Rea Tone on a most excellent piece of parody; ythis reads like a very well writtten pastiche of the liberal groupthink manifesto on Palin. No original thoiught, mindless hyperbole that takes all possible content out of context, a deep reliance on feelings and beliefs rather than fact and logic.

    And the self-awareness that regardless of the level of tripe presented some large percentage of the mindless faithful will take this diatribe to heart; believing that is actual truth, rather than the parody of the groupthink ethos that it clearly must be, that fills the piece, yet will be overlooked by most readers.

    Well played..

  23. Obviously those who down play the scientific evidence of the Bible, have not actually read and studied it.
    Isaiah 40:22 which was written 2000 years before Columbus mentions that the earth was spherical. Job 26:7 mentions that the earth is suspended in space unlike other contemporary authors that said the earth rested on a turtle or the shoulders of Atlas, etc. Dinosaurs are also mentioned in the Bible in Job 40-41. Lev. 17:11, 14 state that life is in the blood. Leviticus was written about 1400 B.C.E. Doctors, even in the time of George Washington, did not realize this. It is believed that George Washington died from blood-letting, a common practice at the time. I could go on and on, what science has proved what the Bible has already declared.

    As for Global warning, the world climate goes in cycles…the world was a lot warmer in 1000 C.E. When the Vikings settled Greenland, they called it such, because of the green of the vegatation and the mild climate. Today it is covered by ice. According to the Washington Post, there is so much ice on Greenland that if the ice all melted the oceans would rise by about 23 feet! However, the winter of 2007-2008 was the worst on record. Arctic ice froze at recording breaking levels.

    One more thing. During the mid 1800s, during the time of Charles Dickens, the river Thames froze completely solid. This was the first time this had even happened in the history of England. In fact that period of time is called “The Little Ice Age.” Temperature record keeping began soon after that time. Since the first recorded temperature, the temperature has only risen one-half a degree celsius! The world temperatures are only returning to what they were prior to the “Little Ice Age!”

    Patrick Henry, a great American patriot, who was instrumental in organizing Virgina to break away from Great Britain, understood the context of the Bible in obtaining freedom. He gave a speech that every American should memorize. Known as the “Give me liberty or give me death” Speech, Henry says that “There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us.”

    I want to point out that Governor Palin wanted to end our dependence on foreign oil by drilling in ANWAR. I have friends who live in Alaska. They say the the native animal populations have exploded to do the pipeline. The pipeline creates a warmer place for the animals to nest their young, thus ensuring a higher percentage of the young surviving.

    As for the tripling of the prison population…crime rates have reached the lowest point in 30 years.

    As for multiple wars–again I quote Patrick Henry, “I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past. And judging by the past, I wish to know what there has been in the conduct of the British ministry [Saddam Hussein] for the last ten years to justify those hopes with which gentlemen have been pleased to solace themselves and the House.” Check out the United Nations Commission on Iraq and read document after document where Saddam Hussein flouted the terms of cessation of hostilities in 1991. Learn from history and see what happens to world peace when a tyrant remains unchecked.

    I believe the author is referring to the Patriot Act when stating “government intervention into the private lives of American citizens.” Wire taps have been misrepresented by the press. Wire taps are for when known terrorists receive calls from foreign counties.

  24. A few people here on this thread have stated that the Bible does not say that the Earth is flat, or that the Sun revolves around it. I’d like to disagree.

    Remember when Joshua “stopped the Sun in the sky?” Did that actually happen, or didn’t it?

    Remember when Satan showed Jesus the four corners of the Earth at one time? Doesn’t that imply a flat Earth?

  25. Elaine, I bet you think the bible is the actual word of god, too!

    I love how those who voted against the Obama-Biden ticket are those who could benefit most from them!!
    Get it together people, there are very few in those fly-over states who actually make more that $250,000!!!!
    The Republican party has tricked their religious base into voting against their best interests over and over again, and, yet, the base still responds so strongly to them! Why is that? Are your moral values and small-mindedness more important to you than feeding your children and putting a roof over their heads??? Stop pointing out the failures of your republican education and get on the Obama train!!

  26. You could not be more wrong! I see you did not do any research of your own just took ideas from your friends,, shame on you but I understand since it takes real intelligence like Sarah has to do so…better luck next time…thanks for the laughs.

  27. No, Tracy, thank YOU for the laughs. Especially putting the words “real intelligence” and Sarah in the same sentence-that’s a gem! I can only surmise from your poor punctuation and confusing sentence structure that you are, indeed, a product of inferior republican education. Good luck to you, though.

  28. You know, I think we have been giving poor old Sarah a hard time.
    I mean really – with a bit of lipstick, who would not back her up all the way? Seriously, folks, you need to think hard an long about this… and be prepared to take a very penetrating stance with a view from behind, in order to pierce the mystery of this Alaskan.
    Who would not cry out to God, given the opportunity to serve this woman?
    This kind of reporting is so very anti-climactic. All I can say is that the fantasy lives on!

    Come on Sarah!

  29. I believe in the God and the Bible, but I don’t take it to literally in some parts of it. Like it said the world was created in 7 days, I believe God;s time framed could be different than ours. Seven days could mean 2 miilon years in God time. I am not fanatical, but Palin is. We are secular goverment and we should stay that way. Religion has no busy in goverment, its very dangerous.

  30. Amazing how stupidity of all things could make a person famous! Sarah Palin is a danger to the international community not just America, the reason we laugh and shake our heads at some of her attempts to sound intelligent is because she is extremely scary – not only does she belong to a religion that wants to rule the world (Joel’s Army, they maintain that only Christians can have this honour) her husband belongs to a fanatically group who wants to secede from America and their members are told that they can and should use force if necessary. If this is not terrorism in the making what else do you call it? Her seven year old daughter is fed this propaganda every day of her life as are the rest of her family and friends, so much for Barack Obama who met William Ayers in passing at age eight and subsequently sat on some educational and charitable boards with him at a later date. Which child would you say “is Palin around with terrorists”? Sara Palin is a Right Wing Terrorist of the first degree.
    Beware the smiling devil who comes book in hand telling you God has spoken to her and she therefore is God’s personal messenger for she will imprison you on this earth and make you into slaves with her treacherous words

  31. Palin may not have everything right, but what she does have right is her total belief and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior — that and plain old Common Sense! These are the thing the Left just can not stand – nor understand.

  32. Tess November 12th, 2008 8:00 am :

    Whenever I hear Palin’s voice, I long for The Gong Show. I so wish to hear that Gong drown her out.

    And see the long cane that suddenly appears from the curtain stage right.

  33. Why are all the people getting upset because a woman was a vice presidental candidate? What is there about a person, man or woman, who believes in God and respects life from conception to death, that many people actually dispise? I tell you, it is Satin actually working with many in the world. God bless you all, and someday hopefully you will see the light and stop knocking others. Peace……

  34. I’ve noticed in forums of this type that the liberal left leaners tend to use attack words and sarcasm much more than the religious right do. While the use of this type of language does not mean that those opinions are wrong (just as politeness doesn’t make those opinions right), it should make us stop and wonder. In my experience, when people have history and facts on their side, they don’t feel the need to adorn them with invective and sarcasm.

    This article concluded with a list of problems that our country faces. But careful research will trace many (most?) of those problems back to liberal (not conservative) policies.

  35. Christians should be reminded that “love they neighbor”, and “blessed are the peacekeepers” are important virtues to uphold.

    Is it a conservative policy to allow rapists to choose who will be the mothers of their children too (Sarah P apparently believes so)? Don’t you find that notion absolutely disgusting?

    For so many reasons, republicans and neocons are dying a little death each day. As proof, just look at the electoral map from the election.

  36. The misinformation about Sarah Palin is running rich in this article and blog post. The few minutes of tainted air time Palin got are certainly not enough for the writer of the main article to know Palin as well as the writer feigns knowing.

    Palin is a successful governor with a high approval rating in a huge state with significant budget, a significant BALANCED budget attained with no tax increases…something Obama sure can’t do.

    Few candidates are perfect and undoubtedly Palin is also not perfect. However, to blindly believe the spew coming from liberal pundits with no knowledge of this woman is just hate-mongering and trashing someone’s name for no good reason. At this level, this type of bashing is just sophomoric hate, sexism and an obsession.

    The presidential election is over….so get a job, instead of sitting around waiting for the Obama hand-outs and move on to other conversations.

    Some conversation suggestions:
    Is Obama going to live up to ANY of his campaign promises?…it doesn’t look like it.
    How high will your taxes be under Obama?
    Are Obama’s plans going to cost us extra millions or billions and who will pay for them?
    How big is the war Obama is going to get us into in Afghanistan?…looks like it will make the Iraq wore look small and brilliant?
    Why will Obama only release a birth registry and not his legal birth certificate and why did he have his birth certificate sealed? If it’s not an issue, then why not be transparent and just show America that one small document? McCain proved his citizenship…Obama submitted a birth registry….that’s it. It almost appears he has something to hide….like he tried to hide Rezko, Ayers, Khalidi, Sinclair, etc, etc, etc, etc., etc., etc.
    Why do our enemies like Obama so much, but not our allies?…and why did Obama take so much illegal foreign campaign donations?
    How are YOU going to pay for Obama’s regime?….the hand-outs ARE going to have to stop and then you’ll have to pay for this guy’s plans.
    And, why can’t Obama keep confidential matters confidential?…does he not understand the crucial nature of national security?…or are our allies right that his foreign policy stance is “immature and dangerous”.

    If you can answer any of those questions, it will give you something to do, besides being obsessed with a hard-working governor of a resource-rich state.

  37. mds:

    You attempt to sound thoughtful and intelligent, with your rhetorical questions and intimations that the those who are considered liberal are nothing more than poor, lazy persons (“…so get a job, instead of sitting around waiting for the Obama hand-outs…”). However, your efforts to “speak the truth”, so to say, are misguided. First, I will point out that Palin’s “high” approval rating has dropped from a respectable 80% to 65% in the past few months. This is no doubtedly due to her actions and behavior (upon which people have formed their opinions) throughout the campaign. Furthermore, the “liberal pundits” with no knowledge of who Palin really is have merely based their opinion upon the information available; just as you have formed your high opinion of her, some have formed a more negative opinion. But for you to say that those who disapprove of her are just “hate-mongering” and behaving “sophomoric” is ironic, as you are doing the same regarding Obama. You obviously disapprove of him; are you a hateful, essentially terrible person like you say people who disapprove of Palin are? Have you met Palin personally? You suggest you know her pretty well. And on the flip side, have you met Obama personally? Because you suggest you know him just as well and know ouright that he is a terrible person, who will do this country no good.

    Palin has a high disapproval rating throughout the nation (I direct your attention to the election results) due to her extremism, especially when it comes to the policies she supports that are based on religion (i.e. gay marriage; give me one CONSTITUTIONAL defense of refusing this right). What the Republican party needs is to return to economic conservatism. The extreme faith-based party that it has morphed into has, obviously, done more harm than good. It does not matter if you are Christian. It does not matter if you believe in a God or not. Some of the writers of the Constitution may have been religious, but they included the right to the freedom of religion for a reason. Religion has no place in government. That is a fact.

    Now to your questions.

    1. It has been a little over a week since Obama became President-Elect. How do you know it looks like he is not going to live up to his campaign promises? He has not even taken office yet. Furthermore, as with any previous president in our history, he will certainly not live up to all of them. (I remind you of the phrase “no new taxes!”)
    2-3 (they are the same question). I wish someone would give an answer as to how we will pay back the TRILLIONS of dollars in debt we are in, due to the obscene cost of the Bush administration, without raising taxes. If not now, we will raise them later. Bush has attempted to lessen our debt by cutting taxes and giving us stimulus checks. Twice. Look where it got us.
    4. The next administration, no matter if it was McCain or Obama, would have to fix what the Bush administration screwed up. We should have focused on Afghanistan all along. The Obama administration will no doubtedly attempt fixing this situation, however, through diplomatic means (what right wing conservatives have criticized him on). Interesting how, assuming you are one of these conservatives, you disgrace diplomacy and yet you ask how big of a war we “will” get into. If no talk and no action, what do you suggest we do in Afghanistan?
    5. It is not even worth my time to address this question.
    6. The entire world has congratulated Obama. Our allies do not like him? This is just plain false. And please show me the evidence that he accepted illegal foreign campaign donations. (Not rumors, facts please)
    7. Interesting how you refer to Obama’s administration as a “regime.” I believe the closest we will get to a regime is what we have endured for the past 8 years. And again, refer to my answer in 2-3 in response to the second part of this question.
    8. We have worsened our national security ten-fold in the past 8 years as the entire world looks at us with scorn and disapproval. Taliban recruiting is as high as ever; why do you think Al Qaeda endorsed McCain? An “immature and dangerous” foreign policy is refusing discussion, ignoring allies and acting unilaterally.

  38. Just another frustrated left-wing windbag with a shallow education and no real-life experience. Had this supposed intellectual gained real-world experience, it would have learned that Mrs. Palin has enormous appeal for many “right-wing” zealots who, you might like to know, produce, transport, process, merchandise, and sell most of the domestically produced products it uses. We make this country work while it works to destroy it every moment.



  40. Dave, let me guess: middle-to-upper class white male. Am I right?

    You and those like you with such egotistical, self-centered, small-minded beliefs and actions are what is destroying this country. But, great job “making this country work”. The country is obviously at its peak economically, socially and globally.


  41. William Buckley said that he would rather be governed by the first 100 names in the Boston telephone directory than the Harvard faculty. And Buckley ranks as one of the most intelligent people this country has ever spawned. I’m an atheist and probably among the smartest persons who has wasted his time trying to change closed minds on internet websites. Good catharsis I guess. I don’t like Sarah Palin’s invocations of god either; neither do I like Obama’s or any other politicians invocation of god – – and they all do it! But as far as who is better for the country, Palin is in need of experience, but capable of gaining it; Obama is in need of experience, but will get it from wrong-headed advisors who will hasten America’s descent into the ash head of socialism.

  42. Ohg Rea Tone, yeah, I remember when McCain and Palin heatedly accused Obama of being a “celebrity” candidate. It looks like they decided some of their campaign tactics weren’t working, so they stealthily and covertly sneaked some of Obama’s successful campaign tactics and took them for their own. So now it’s OK for Sarah Palin to be a “celebrity”, and she evidently feels she’ll get some of Obama’s cachet if SHE writes a book too! I suspect she’ll have a ghost writer, and possibly a ghost biographer to help her remember the good stuff and none of the illegal or unethical stuff.

  43. ~paloozie, I’d be interested in learning from you how you formed your opinion of Sarah Palin as “an honorable, gracious, bright, knowledgeable woman of integrity.”

    Because I formed the EXACT OPPOSITE opinion of her after
    1) hearing the various themes of her stump speeches,
    2) hearing some of the racist/murderous reactions from her rally crowds (and seeing her smiling encouragement),
    3) hearing some of her unscripted interviews (few as they were during the campaign), and — worst of all —
    4) hearing that “Masked Avengers do Sarkozy” telephone call which must be the culmination of proof that Sarah Palin has no notion of protocol, diplomacy, knowlege of current affairs and representatives of other countries, or even support for her partner on the ticket…not to mention sounding like a foolish teenager giggling throughout the conversation with the fake “Sarkozy”.

  44. Elaine (1:15 pm Nov. 11th): Damn right it’s intolerance!

    I plan to be as intolerant as possible towards this woman, who seemingly can look even her constituency in the eye and lie without blinking. Or at least that’s what appears to happen every time she gets in front of a microphone.

    I can tell you this. Her state legislative partners are going to look into some of her methods of doing business for that state, investigating among other things Troopergate, Couturegate, Travelgate, SportsComplexgate, HomeVs.Mansiongate, Pregnancygate, Daughterpregnancygate, and DudeMansionBudgetgate, to name a few topics of interest.

  45. floyd (6:09 pm Nov. 11th), don’t forget, (regarding your comment, “That is the reason that he won, and that she lost.”), Barack Obama was running against John McCain, and John McCain lost to Obama. Sarah Palin and Joe Biden were just “along for the ride”, with their contribution being campaigning on behalf of their presidential candidates. Obviously Biden was better at it than Palin.

    I have to ask you one thing, why do you feel “she is a great person”? Do you think she’s done a good job for Alaska, or has she merely SAID she’s a reformer but gone ahead and done business the same as her corrupt predecessors?

    I’ve read enough Alaskan fact-finding information that’s been surfacing since her VP nomination to think it’s the latter.

  46. From what I can gather about the history of Sarah Palin’s religious opinions, she was baptised a Roman Catholic, later was attached with her parents to a Pentacostical Church in Warsilla, and later joined a non-demoninational church. While I cannot find the reference, I seem to recall that, when asked who has influenced her faith development, she mentioned the English writer, CS Lewis. Now, CS Lewis was part of a group of British writers known as the Inklings, who among other things were steeped in literature and the classics. While he was an orthodox Christian in the Anglican tradition, it would be ludicrous to call Lewis a fundamentalist. I would like to know where Ohg Tone gets her evidence for Palin’s alleged views on evolution and on the age of the universe, etc, or is she merely projecting her own biases onto Palin. As regards the main (neo-Darwinian) and other theories of macro-evolution and the scientific consensus on Earth warming, Tone and so many others seem to have forgotten what the best philosophers of science, such as Karl Popper have taught us. True scientists must regard all scientific paradigms as falsifiable. They are strengthened or weakenened by attempts to knock them down. Instead, both the potential of evolutionary theory and climate change are damaged when they are rendered into dogma bound quasi-Gnostic cults.

    I have a primary degee in History and would consider myself widely read in literature, politics and history. I also have a masters degree in strategic business mgt amd I have a PH.d in economics. Yet Gov Palin cammands my respect. Of the numerous negative allegations made against her, I have geneally found them, on investigation, to be false, based on half truths/distortions, or political motivated, are trivial or if they were made about democratic rivals would be ignored to given a free pass. The are also based on the worst form of anti-religious bigotry. When I consider the hate/slime/snearfest conducted against this person by mediocre scribblers, I am reminded of the description of such mediocrity written by the French writer, Ernst Hello:

    ‘”he Mediocre Man is the natural enemy of any person of talent and conviction: and enemy at the same time most cruel and ferocious. He opposes to the person of talent that most cruel and redoubtable of forces: the power of inertia. The Mediocre Man is more evil than he appears. His basic wickedness is hidden beneath his external frigidity. He peddles against the enthusiasts his endless little infamies, which because the are little are not taken to be infamies. He is fearless knowing that he has behind him the multitude of his similars. He never fights knowing that he has gained the victory in advance”

    My respect For Governor Sarah Palin obviously is not unqualified, but she is no mediocrity.. I am not so sure that this cannot be said about her numerous vilifiers.

  47. Sarah Palin seems intelligent and quick in those areas she wants to be — politics and her own rise to power. However, she has chosen to be willfully ignorant (or has no interest in learning about) a great many areas and subjects that are absolutely essential to be an effective leader and elected representative of our nation today: science, geography, international politics, foreign policy, history, etc., etc. Just watch her interviews with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson to see her ignorance on display. Ignorance can be fixed, but she is already an adult, busy as a governor. Where is she going to find the time to learn all these things she should have learned decades ago?

    As far as her honesty and integrity go — look at her denying that she had done anything wrong in abusing her power in trying to get her ex brother-in-law fired, even after she was found guilty by the official report from the state of Alaska!

  48. Frankly, I’m bored with Palin. The fruit fly is more useful.

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