Obama’s Chicago Vulnerablitiy
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Obama’s Chicago Vulnerablitiy

Here we go again.  Washington partisan politics 101.  The political corruption in Illinois will dramatically affect the Obama Administration.  This is not about guilt or innocence – it is about perception.  And particularly the perception of vulnerability.

When Bill Clinton won the Presidency in 1992 there followed some corruption news in Arkansas.  This gave rise to the fortunes of Mike Huckabee as the Republican Governor of Arkansas.  The political interpretation was one of weakness – or vulnerability – of Bill Clinton.  The idea is that he was unable to influence his party in his own home state.  Emboldened by the idea of weakness – the Washington Republicans went after Clinton with both barrels of a very short shotgun.

The Democratic Party problems in Illinois are staggering.  The indicted, corrupt Democratic Governor Blagojevich is in his second term.  In his first term there was wide speculation of corruption.  This is where the Democratic Party takes a hit – with a corrupt Governor at the head of their ticket they failed to bring a challenger in the last election.  The Illinois Democrats deserve to take a perception hit.

The problem for Obama is also one of perception.  If the miserable corruption in Illinois leads to a Republican Governor – the Washington Republicans will smell blood.  Partisan politicians can collect into a mob faster than a pack of hungry wolves.

The chase is on.  The pack is swarming.  Partisan politicians care nothing for our country – they are hungry and will destroy anything for their personal gain.  We witnessed this nonsense in the Clinton era – with Al Quaeda organizing and attacking, the partisan Republicans were only concerned with Clinton’s errant sex life.

Yes – I am implying that the distraction of the partisan impeachment of Clinton directly led to the emergence of Al Quaeda and Osama Bin Laden as a world force.

Our country is in great trouble.  This is no time for partisan bickering.  We shall see what the partisans do this time when blood is spilled.

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