Bush and Cheney are WMD’s
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Bush and Cheney are WMD’s

George W. Bush, mixed with equal amounts of Dick Cheney, produces Weapons of Mass Destruction.  These two men, more than Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden, have themselves destroyed mass numbers of humans.  And about 5,000 of the dead are American service men.  We can not even begin to count the number of innocent Iraqi’s killed in a war of vengeance.

The lethal combination of Bush and Cheney needed only a spark of inflamation.  The entire Republican Party has bought into this mixture of vengeance and lusts after another opportunity to mix their potions of destruction.

Check out the recent Presidential election.  The single word most spoken by the Republican McCain was ‘fight.’  We have to fight!  We have to fight!  Never give up the fight!

The dominance of power and control as a foreign policy, and prejudice and fear as domestic policy, were the dominant messages of the Republican campaign.  They were repudiated by most Americans – but the fringe radical right has been emboldened.  Sarah Palin, the poster child of ignorance, drew huge crowds of skin heads, neo nazi’s, Christian jihadists, and other people who wring their hands at the prospect of dissention.

But Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are different than Sarah Palin.  They were well aware of what they were doing.  They used the fear tactics reminiscent of the fire and brimstone of fanatical church revivals to stir the emotions of the ignorant masses.  They took their speech lessons from Marjo Gortner and Burt Lancaster as Elmer Gantry.

And the end result of this demented mentality has been mass death and destruction.  The physical destruction of Iraq and the economic destruction of America.  Osama Bin Laden did not hurt this country nearly as much as the Mass Destruction of Bush and Cheney.

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