Ann Coulter – an America Tragedy
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Ann Coulter – an America Tragedy

When Ann Coulter is dismissed or challenged by anyone in the media the radical right claims another attack by the Main Stream Media.  Back and forth bickering that accomplishes nothing other than to continue to polarize America. To be clear up front, this writer has never been a fan of Ann Coulter.  But Ms. Coulter was on the Early show on CBS this morning and I watched out of curiosity.  I was surprised by my observations.

Ms. Coulter has written another book.  We don’t know if she uses ghost writers or if she produces her own stuff – but clearly some of the language is uniquely Ann Coulter.  She is well informed, witty, fast on her rhetorical feet, and willing to engage issues.

The Early Show host was quick to challenge Coulter’s ‘sophomoric’ claims of conservative victimization.  I never watch the Early Show so I am not familiar with the host – but my impression was that he had actually read most of Coulter’s book and spoke from a position of knowledge and of confrontation.

Coulter was quick with her response.  Coulter demonstrated her ready knowledge of issues with quick responses filled with names and statistics.  She is not dumb, as she is often portrayed in editorial cartoons.  Ann Coulter is a comedian with a masterful grip on political satire.  She is a comedian – and she is very good at what she does.

I guess the surprise from my perspective is that she is taken seriously by anyone.  She is a regular on FOX talk shows that are supposed to be serious discussion on all things political.

Is Ann Coulter different than the comedy writers for John Stewart or Jay Leno or David Letterman?  Yes she is.  Those comedians make fun of anyone, liberal or conservative, democrat or republican.  Ann Coulter has postured herself on the far right.  And she has made a fortune playing to her crowd.

Ann Coulter is an example of why we, as a society, no longer accept jokes about black people, or polish people, or any other sort of ethnic or racial humor.  The problem with this sort of humor is that it ultimately promotes stereotypes.  Pit Bull owners did not appreciate Sarah Palin’s joke about Pit Bulls and lipstick – the stereotype of vicious dogs was promoted.

Ann Coulter steps across the line of satirical political humor and into the realm of nastiness.  Her challenge is to continually outdo herself – to be more ridiculous than Rush Limbaugh (If that is possible).

Our country has come to a focal point of great crisis both domestically and internationally.  At this time in our history the divisive rhetoric of Coulter and Limbaugh is inherently counter productive.  This is a time when serious people should be taken seriously – and Ann Coulter does a huge disservice to all Americans by profiting from continued divisiveness.

Ann Coulter has a sharp mind and a quick wit.  This is the story of an American Tragedy – Coulter could have been a force for positive change – but has chosen to be a force for divisiveness.

Check her out on The Early Show:

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  1. There is nothing “tragic” about Ann Coulter except the fact that she looks like a man. She knows exactly what she is doing. She doesn’t care about greater good, intelligent discourse, or whether people even believe the crap she says. She decided long ago she wanted some of that Rush Limbaugh money, and will continue doing this schtick for as long as she can.

  2. This article by Ohg Rea, characterizes Ann Coulter, and the divisiveness of her poliics extremely well. She, and others like her – Limbaugh, Hannity, etc…, are the major obstacle to the unity, the togetherness, the co-operation needed now for the good of the country.

  3. If anyone of us could make millions doing what fanatical left or right wingers do, we’d all do it. Pretty good article. Ann Coulter may be extreme but she is not ignorant. I will actually listen to interviews or read Coulter columns, Rush is just nuts. Same with Dr. Laura. This woman holds a Phd in Physiology and a BS in Biological studies. Where does she get off trying to politically influence me with her psycho babble head shrinking. If I’m going to be politacally swayed by an extremist I prefer them to have worked in politics with a law degree, like Coulter.

  4. One more thing the back and forth bickering accomplishes, unfortunately, the continued sale of her books.

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