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Redneck Gazette – Fight the Bad Guys

Redneck Gazette

Fourth Edition

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> Osama Bin Laden

George Bush Fails

Well, Ronald Reagan said, “There you go again.” And here we go again. Osama Bin Laden, that fella what kicked our butts in New York back in 2001, is poking at us again.

This time he did an audio tape (that means just sound) and put it on his web site. He is trying to do a couple of things.

First of all, he is trying to get everyone’s attention cause he wants to be important. We should give him his due.

Second, he is taking a shot while there is a big street fight going on in Israel and that Gaza place. He is hoping that folks in the neighborhood are ready to git on his wagon and ride off into certain death.

Third, Bin Laden is a hankering for a fight with our new President, the colored fella. That Barrack Obama is going to be President next Tuesday. So this is a good time for Osama Bin Laden to remind everyone that he is still around. And he is still hankering for a fight.

Our notion here in Punkin Center, Missouri, is that we should give him what he wants.

Does anyone need more to look twice at the headline to figure out that President Double-You failed in his mission?

Osama Bin Laden has stuck his finger in our eye again. This is a bully what likes to strut around like a bandy rooster. He likes the notion that we can’t catch him.

He is wrong about that. Even John McCain said he could be caught – but he won’t tell no one how to do it. So we got the folks together at the Bait Shop and asked them what to do.

Bobby John said right off that what we done wrong was to fight the wrong fight. He say President Bush did some strutting hisself. He could not find Bin Laden so he strutted his stuff in Iraq.

Some of the folks around here like President Bush cause they said it is better to fight over there than over here. But is looking under the wrong tree for their mushrooms.

That Bin Lade fella has just proved that we was fighting the wrong war – cause if we did the right thing then Bin Laden would be in jail right now.

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