Sarah Palin, Visibility or Exposure
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Sarah Palin, Visibility or Exposure

Sarah Palin is on the airways.  Her tact today is to blame others for her troubles.  She forgot the first rule of politics – Get Visibility without Exposure.  Sarah Palin exposed herself as  a small town redneck, generally ignorant of the world beyond the boundaries of Wasilla, Alaska.  This writer is proud to be included in Palin’s assault.  The Free Press has breathed fresh air from internet opportunities.

In a perfect world we should never be happy or rejoice at the failure of others.  But this is America – the land of the free and home of the brave.  We should note here that The Fireside Post never mentioned Palin’s family, particularly her children.  There was no need.  Governor Palin gave us all of the ammunition that we needed.

There is a rumble in the Main Stream Media about the lack of accountability by internet magazines and bloggers.  What they are really saying is that they should write the rules for all of us to follow.  I submit here that the rules are being rewritten.

Without a doubt, there has been some very nasty and factually dishonest material posted on the internet.  And we do not agree with fabricating facts.  The Fireside Post is fundamentally an opinion magazine – and the gloves come off on the Editorial Page.

But back to Sarah Palin.   Her quest for national visibility led to her national exposure as a very shallow politician.  We wrote before that Palin should be compared to former Vice Presidents – both Repoublican and Democrat.  We mentioned Cheney, Gore, Quail, Bush I, Mondale, and Ford.  Palin does not have the stature of any of these we established men.  Let us be more clear on this point.

Plain has defended herself against accusations of incompetence by ‘anonymous’ members of the John McCain Campaign staff.  With tags like diva and whack job, Palin took some personal hits.  If Palin is the future of the Republican Party – then the future of the Republican Party is in deep trouble.  Palin represents everything that is wrong with America.

Sarah Palin has no concept of education.  She has no concept of literature, of the humanities, of history, of geography, of international relations, of natural science, of the Universe, or of science in general –  Everything that is wrong with America.  And the Republican Party owns this label.  The leaders of the Republican Party of the past thirty years sold the soul of the Grand Old Party for fanatically ignorant support at the polls.

Palin has actually stated in clear terms the depth of foreign policy reaches as far as the eye can see.  This myopic view led the United States into Middle East wars without the support of the world community.  The shallow and arrogant idea that our country can act unilaterally in all cases denies any historical understanding of international relations.

There is an overwhelming consensus in the scientific community about global climate change.  Palin, like George Bush and Dick Cheney, acknowledge the ice is melting – but deny human causation.  Dick Cheney knows better – but his support of big oil takes precedence over the future of humanity.  Bush and Palin just follow the Cheney party line.

Any study of interpretive literature, and of historical fact, informs us of the problematic ignoring of the lower class of people.  This arrogance of the noble class has always led to ultimate rebellion.  Bush, Cheney, McCain, and Palin should be grateful they do not live in 1790’s France.  Their heads would roll.

Sarah Palin is of the radical religious right – the fanatics who believe in Biblical creationism as science.  Those folks are as wacko as the Islamic Fundamentalists of the Middle East who teach hate of infidels to their children.  This writer does not at all discredit the Bible as a great work of theology – we merely recognized the purpose of the Bible was theological, not science and history.  The earth is not flat, the heavens do not revolve around us, and evolution is practical science.

Like it or not, Governor Palin, the Bible does not take precedence over our Constitution.  Actually, the Constitution protects the right to worship however one chooses – and it grants that right to all people of our country, not just the religious fanatics.  The United States is not a theocracy – is not governed by religion.  The United States is a country of law.

Denying the protection of privacy from government intrusion into the lives of individuals is contrary to the protection granted in our Constitution.  The denial of historical understanding results in poor decision making.  The denial of scientific inquiry results in poor decision making.  Elevating the Bible over the Constitution results in poor decision making.

The governance of our country these past thirty years has been dominated by the shallow pandering of the fundamentalist religious right.  The result is a country:

  • mired in debt to other countries who are not our friends,
  • multiple wars,
  • loss of real income by Americans,
  • loss of respect by the world community,
  • unchecked global climate change,
  • energy dependence on countries that are not our friends,
  • proliferation of state sanctioned gambling casinos,
  • rampant drug addiction,
  • tripling of our prison population,
  • government intervention into the private lives of American citizens,
  • and jobs exported to countries who produce shoddy products to be sold in America.

Sarah Palin represents the fanatical right wing, and all that is wrong with our country.

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  1. There is no doubt in my mind that Governor Sarah Palin does in fact represent all that is wrong in American policy both foreign and domestic. My hope is that, more and more well-written articles such as this one, “Sarah Palin, Visibility or Exposure”, be read by those individuals in the Republican Party who truly, truly care about truth, human rights, and the devastation that has been caused in our country by leaders and would-be leaders who have absolutely no integrity whatsoever. We, who care, thank the writer of this article – wholeheartedly.

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