Detainee Hypocrisy of Politicians
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Detainee Hypocrisy of Politicians

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Sam Brownback (an appropriate name for this man) is busy covering his tracks.  He is a Republican Senator from the great state of Kansas.  Senator Brownback ran for President and brought the morque of the Republican candidates down about 20 points. (Morque is the Saliva Scale of combined morals and IQ).    Senator Brownback is in a big toot about potentially having the detainees at GITMO being moved to the Federal Prison at Leavenworth, Kansas.

Senator Brownback is proud of the federal dollars he has brought to Kansas.  When he campaigns in the Leavenworth area he proudly notes the good jobs he provides at the prison.  The Federal Prison at Leavenworth is the main industry and the local economy revolves around those jobs.

Well, what exactly does Senator Brownback think a prison is?  He says he does not want any bad guys in that prison.  The Federal Prison at Leavenworth was the home to Al Capone, Vito Genovese, and later even to the Birdman of Alcatraz.  These were mobsters were driven by greed, which seems to Brownback to be an acceptable form of criminal endeavor.  And, to top it off, these mobsters generally only killed other mobsters.  So there.

Brownback’s real agenda is to be a pain in the ass of the new President.  Brownback is a real phony.  He is a great example of the contradiction of the Republican party’s moral compass.  This guy also thinks that overturning governments with violence is an acceptable form of democracy.

He wants the Federal money shipped into Kansas, but he does not want the responsibility.  Brownback even feels that Kansas is entitled to the money.  Sounds like the classic definition of what people like Brownback calls ‘welfareites.’

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