Packed With Pork – Economic Stimulus in Perspective
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Packed With Pork – Economic Stimulus in Perspective

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One might think that the Republicans have been on the ropes for about twenty years – judging merely from the whining coming out of Congress.  That Republican Congressman Boehner talks like he and his biddies have been the standard bearers for fiscal moderation for many years.  Boehner and his cohorts are claim the economic stimulus package proposed by President Obama is packed with pork.

These folks note 200 million dollars for planned parenthood and the purchase of 650 million dollars worth of new government vehicles – that sort of thing.  I have no intention of defending pork spending – but we should at least put the stimulus package in perspective.

First, let us all be reminded of the 700 BILLION approved by the Congress at the request of the Bush Administration.  350 BILLION has been distributed to bank wannabees.  No accountability, now questions asked.  No one knows where the money went – it was supposed to loosen the credit markets – but that has not happened.  But it was good enough for Boehner and the Boehner Buddies.

Now we are looking at another 850 BILLION, and Boehner is complaining about 200 million.  200 Million is a lot of money – more than this writer could count or spend in a lifetime – but the total of the complaints by the Republicans is less than One Tenth of One Percent of the total package.  This about that – .1%,  .001, 1/1000th, how many ways can this be said.  The total package granted to Bush, without hesitation by the Boehner Buddies, is 350 times as much as the identified pork in the Obama package.

This is clearly partisanship at its worst.  Republicans stifling progress in the name of dissent.  They pretend to protect the American taxpayer – but Boehner was not elected to Congress for the first time in 2008.  He has been around awhile – and he was a part of the Congressional leadership that walked hand-in-hand with President Bush – as they walked the road of economic destruction of this great country.

If I do not sound angry then I have missed my mark.  President Obama was very clear in his campaign for this office.  He talked about changing the political climate in Washington.  The Boehner Buddies must not have read the election results – they seem to think that old fashioned obstructionist politics is in vogue.

They cater to flying monkeys – people who merely follow along – doing whatever they are told.  But the flying monkeys are in the minority – they have been defeated by the forces of good.  The Boehner Buddies will eventually be rounded up by the Marshalls of honor and integrity, they will corralled and branded as the disgusting stinky politicians that they are.

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  1. Why doesn’t the government just cut fat million dollar checks to the taxpayers. Guaranteed we would spend it. Regardless we will pay for all these stimulus packages. Congress gives these out like they are tootsie rolls in a parade. Obama can feed us manure, tell us it’s apple pie and the mindless drones will believe anything he says. He is lifted up higher than dang near any of his predecessors and he hasn’t even done anything yet.

  2. stimulus packages are very helpful for kickstarting the economy’~-

  3. Well Alice, small stimulus may help in the sense of small tax breaks if the middle class is involved. However, our economy is almost beyond stimulus help especially with the decline of our dollar.

    The Obama administration touts job gains while ADP reports job losses since January, with the most staggering being last month.