Delusional Politicians, Pelosi, Boehner, Blago
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Delusional Politicians, Pelosi, Boehner, Blago

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These folks are really off the rail, sidetracked, stumbling over old rhetoric.  I am talking about politicians who somehow think that worn out political tactics can continue to fool the public.

The most obvious is the Illinois Governor.  The Illinois Senate is holding impeachment hearings for unethical practices by the Governor.  The Governor, known now simply as Blago, is tooting his horn in any parade that will have him.  Blago made the rounds of the New York based talking head shows – he claims he is a martyr, being nailed to the cross of injustice by local politicians who want to rape the Illinois treasury.  It is only Blago who stands between the corruption of the Illinois Congress and the safety of America.  Just about everyone is entertained – and not convinced.

So how is Blago different than Pelosi or Boehner – the stalwarts of their respective parties in the United States House of Representatives?  The answer is that Blago is exactly like Pelosi and Boehner, in the sense of being delusional about their message.

Pelosi proudly exclaims that the people of America voted and the Democrats have been given a mandate.  Of course, her idea of a mandate is decidedly left wing.  Pelosi exclaimed proudly this morning that the Republicans are losing on substance so they are shifting to an attack on process.  The delusion is that she believes most people in this country believe anything she says on partisan issues.  Pelosi is delusional on several levels.  Barack Obama carried the election, not the partisan bickering of Pelosi’s blather.  Pelosi is reelected regularly from her San Francisco district – so she believes she speaks for all of the people of America.  Man – she is really nuts.

Boehner is no better.  He is flapping his jaws at every opportunity.  He has installed a microphone magnet in his tooth fillings – hold a microphone in his general vicinity and he will come and talk.  His message is a mirror image of Pelosi’s – The Republicans are the martyrs defending the country against the ravages of liberal policy.  The funny thing about this is that Boehner also believes the people hear him and breath more easily, knowing that he is on his white horse chasing the fire breathing dragons of the liberal left.  Boehner is reelected by the flying monkeys who prey on fear and ignorance – and he thinks he speaks for the country.  He is as nuts as Pelosi.

President Obama was elected with solid majorities based on his message of change.  Obama stated very clearly that change means that the three branches of the U. S. Government should work together to improve the quality of life for everyone, and to insure the future financial viability of this country.  Obama equated economic viability with national security – and the voters bought his message.

Blago, Pelosi, and Boehner all believe they were elected in the same manner as Obama – they believe they also speak for America.  Blago is in a deep state of denial – clearly he is a man of little ethics – he will be impeached.  Pelosi and Boehner also demonstrate some elements of denial – or the opposite – super egos.

We can only hope that Obama is able to convince the loonies of Capital Hill that the old diatribes of partisan sniping is not useful or productive.  He may be the most delusional of all.

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  2. This definitely makes perfect sense to me!!!

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