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The Curious Case of Nadya Suleman – Octo-Mom

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Is Nadya Suleman crazy, or what?  She had six children by in-vitro fertilization, then had a whole bunch of frozen embryos implanted, resulting in eight babies at one birth.  She now has fourteen children.  She has no husband and no job.  She lives with her mother in a home that is about to be foreclosed.  Is she crazy, or what?  This is a case of immaturity meeting Dr. Frankenstein.

Many people are angry.  They need to get over themselves.  We suspect their anger is real – however misdirected.  Some say she had these babies to receive the welfare available.  Just another greedy woman wanting to live off the State.  Who knows?  But we do know that our government is suffering through an economic crisis, with many businesses closing and people losing their jobs.  So the anger festering in our country is real and justified.

The thoughtful elites, like Entertainment Tonight and Doctor Phil, are doing their best to frame the case in some sort of intellectual argument.  Not really, they are just looking to boost their ratings.  The substandard, ratings driven, media hopes to capitalize on this curious case of motherhood.  Many are asking, is Nadya Suleman crazy – as in incompetently out of her mind?  Personally, I think Dr. Phil is nuts if he thinks we believe he is sincere about helping people.

But back to Nadya.  Is she crazy.  I think not.  A better characterization would be one of marginal intellect and immaturity joining forces with modern science.  This not unusual in the 21st Century.  Look at what happened when we gave George Bush the power of a modern military.  In the case of Octo-Mom we have immaturity joined at the hip with modern fertility treatments.  If anyone is crazy it is surely the Doctor that assisted with the pregnancy.

Is unethical the same as crazy?

The entertainment value is limited to the fans of Entertainment Tonight, ‘the most watched entertainment program on television.’  The ethical intricacies of scientifically assisted pregnancy is debated before our eyes by a young mother and the grandmother.   To further promote the entertainment value of this nonsense Dr. Phil is brought in to consult.  Hoopty Doo and Hurray!  We will all be saved by the masterfully entertaining values of a self serving psychologist.

Nadya acted selfishly.  Nadya has a juvenile understanding of ethics.  Nadya has little concept of responsibility.  Nadya views ‘government’ as something created by God to help people like her.  Given these character traits, Nadya is qualified to be a Representative in Congress.  But she is not crazy.

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  1. I wanted to share a link from Nadya Sulemans’s interview Dr. Phil that aired this afternoon: Your readers can catch part two of the Octo-mom’s exclusive interview tomorrow on the Dr. Phil Show (check local listings).


  2. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Look up poorest community in nation. Kiyras Joel in Monroe NY. See who pays for all the children because of religous or family wants.

  3. I am in favor of government payments for sterilizing surgery for all persons living in the U.S. who wish such surgery. We need more healthy well-adjusted children, not more marginal children. Every unwanted child whose conception is prevented saved us millions of dollars in welfare, child protective services, special education, psychiatric and medical care, and juvenile justice spending.

    Unfortunately Miss Suleman wanted more children than she could care for. I’ve seen only a brief interview of her on TV. Her pronouncements sound like rote repetitions of phrases she has been given and they sound like they might have been given in psychiatric group sessions.

    I was taught that every physician has the responsibility to assess whether a patient has the necessary psychological capacity to cope with any medical intervention. A person who cannot be responsible with medication should not be given it. In vitro fertilization candidates should be scrutinized for their capacity to take care of the child/children, just as adoptive parents are carefully screened.

    Mary M. Smith D. O.

  4. The key is the doctor who created this Frankenstein. His license should be revoked. For the society, in vitro needs to be reassessed and regulated. For Suleman, a court-appointed guardian for her and one for each of her offspring makes the most sense.

  5. i think people need to leave that girl alone. i have always worked, never had any handouts, paid people for helping me. you know it is the politicals fault for people wanting to take from the system. everything comes in a box. fast way of living. make it eaiser instead of cooking from scratch. where has it gotten us all?????????? oh such progress .

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