McCain Continues Trivial Pursuit
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McCain Continues Trivial Pursuit

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John McCain demonstrated his proclivity for trivia in the last election for President.  While the country was facing two wars and an economic collapse beyond any seen in recent memory, McCain was harping about Bill Ayers.  He lost the election but has not lost his desire to make a big deal out of small things.

When President Obama invited leaders of Congress to the White House to directly talk with him about the economy he graciously called on McCain to be the first to speak.  So what did McCain find as the biggest and most important issue facing our economy?  The President’s Marine I helicopter.  The helicopter is expensive – but was ordered by McCain’s buddy George Bush.  McCain thought the way to fix the government’s problems was for Obama to turn down a new helicopter.  And he did so with a straight face.  Do you suppose if he had been elected President he would have complained about a new helicopter?

McCain is on television right now, whining about 9,000 earmarks in a legislative bill totaling about 2.9 Billion dollars.  McCain is going so far as to call the earmarks corruption.  He may be right.  McCain is blaming President Obama – while the earmarks are inserted by congressmen and senators – both Democrat and Republican. 2.9 Billion is a lot of money – but in the context of a 2 Trillion dollar budget – it seems rather trivial to make the earmarks a central argument for being frugal.

We readily admit that the 9,000 earmarks are contemptable – and possibly corrupt.  We are happy there are watchdogs in the Congress who will stand up and challenge this practice.  But McCain serves only to highlight his trivial pursuit – in America – while promoting a TRILLION dollars spent in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Personally, I would rather use tax dollars to build a bridge to nowhere in America than to build a bridge to blow up in Iraq.  McCain has a fetish for spending money and wasting American soldier’s lives in foreign countries – and screams and cries when we spend money in America.

This is the guy who promoted deregulation of the banks and insurance companies.  This is the guy who used taxpayer money to fly around the world on Senate junkettes with his buddy Lindsay Graham.

This guy, Senator McCain, should crawl back to Arizona with his tail between his legs – that would be more dignified than his constant harping about matters of trivia when there are big problems to work on.

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  1. is an excellent website to check political “facts” that are given to the public about what is happening in Washington. The website to check the stimulus facts is:

  2. This is a despicable article. I believe whole heartedly that John McCain truly loves America and serves her the best he can. But I guess we can expect this kind of literature from a Michael Moore loving magazine.

    Obama promised to help responsible homeowners stay in there homes through refinancing or payment adjustment. However if you home has lost too much value, say more than 5% of your mortgage balance, tough luck. He promised no more wasteful spending. Whether it be 2 billion or 200 dollars, well studying the sex habits of the South American swamp rat seems rather important.

    Soon liberals and Dems alike will be complaining once the gov’t owns all the banks, pushes the small farmer out, and declares martial law. Which is very likely, since during his campaign he spoke of united law force that would rival the US military. Hitler or SS troops ring a bell?

  3. Capt America – you are correct on two counts. McCain loves his country and serves the best he can.

    You discredit yourself and your message when you make ludicrous associations between Obama and Hitler.

    And hey, have you ever had sex with a South American swamp rat – don’t knock it until you have tried it.

  4. One more thing – We have to ask why we are in a situation where the Government has to take such drastic actions – the answer – because John McCain, and his buddies Bush and Cheney, championed the cause of deregulation for the banks. McCain would rather build a bridge in Iraq than in America.

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