Calling Rush Limbaugh, Debate Michael Moore
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Calling Rush Limbaugh, Debate Michael Moore

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Rush Limbaugh, the fat mouth piece of the Republican Party has challenged President Obama to a debate.  Of course, Limbaugh knows this is a safe challenge – because it will never happen.  Rush is like that – safe.  Limbaugh has captured an audience of angry malcontents, people who are looking for some one to blame for their miserable lives.  Limbaugh feeds their anger, thus keeping them in the fenced yard.  If Limbaugh wants to really debate someone, why not challenge Michael Moore.

Michael Moore is to the left what Limbaugh is to the right – except that Moore is actually thoughtful and has a message.  Moore delivers his message in an art form called video documentaries.  As such, his work is scripted – meaning that he has actually thought about what it is he wants to say.  Limbaugh proudly rides the airways of ranting conservative talk radio – his message is usually nothing more than a rant designed to foster further malcontent.

So here is challenge to Rush Limbaugh – Challenge Michael Moore to a debate.  Have you the courage to actually sit down with someone of intellect and debate the variety of issues you so deftly rant about?

Moore is well versed on health care, on 911, on terrorism, on Guantanamo, on torture, and on civil liberties.  This writer might actually tune in to Limbaugh – if only he had the courage to really debate Moore, a representative on the other side of the aisle.

This could be as big an event as WWE Wrestling – or whatever they call it.  TV networks could make a fortune – or perhaps even a cable news network.  This would be Ali / Frazier IV.  Rush could promote the event on his program and get even higher ratings – which is what he is all about.

Nothing would be resolved – but it would be great theater.  That fits both Moore and LImbaugh.

So Rush, what do you say?  Care to have a debate?

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  1. What a great idea!! A debate with Russ and Michael Moore. Ingenious idea!! It would have to be televised, of course; golly the TV ratings would be off the charts. I was going to muse about why the TV stations haven’t run with this; but I can’t think of one that would have the nerve…of course, the Bush era is over and there is more liberty now; maybe we will find one that needs money.

  2. I’m no fan of Rush and Moore is a Berkeley poster child. I think it is a stretch to say Moore is thoughtful and is all knowing. But hey I haven’t read the funny papers in a while, thanks what a hoot!

  3. It would be amusing, but Michael Moore really is a lightweight. I’m sure there is a stronger champion of the left out there somewhere.

  4. […] "Calling Rush Limbaugh, Debate Michael Moore" Orignally published:  5 March 2009 Submitted by:  U.S. Common Sense Summary:  Pitching an idea of an ideological debate between the left and the right. […]

  5. Limbaugh and Moore are symbols – heavyweights have depth and can generate broad appeal. But the symbolism of Moore and Limbaugh debating would generate a great deal of interest. The other point of the post was to note that Limbaugh is not in the same league as President Obama. …………

  6. Limbaugh is destroying the GOP along with Michael Steele. When I first read about Steele, I thought, this is the guy who can turn it around. But then he reneges on his stance of pro-life, gay marriages, and his disapproval of Limbaugh.

    If someone is for gay unions, and pro-choice that is fine, but the GOP foundation is built on certain principles, and for this man to say he stands for these principles and then say its up for debate is outrageous for a man in his position. The GOP is not a party of change, that is what the Democratic party is for. If Steele wants to lead the party and make good changes in it he needs to do it based on it’s beliefs. And not endorse Rush Limbaugh, the GOP is crumbling and these two are swinging the hammers.

  7. Democracy only works when people have good choices. Having a strong and healthy GOP, or some form of cohesive ideology, is important to our government health. Both parties need to offer reasonable but different options.

    With the GOP in disarray our country is done a disservice. My thought is that the GOP should get off the moral wagon and focus on economic conservatism.

    The conservatives of the 1950’s and 1960’s argued that we cannot legislate social morals – they were referring to Civil Rights. But today, it is the GOP who argues for legislation to regulate society, such as the regulation of marriage and doctor/patient relationships.

    The question for the GOP is this: Are they in favor of government involvement in individual lives or not? What is the conservative ideal regarding government regulation of social behavior?

    There is great irony in the changes of the two parties over time…

  8. The entire left V right system is a scam to give the illusion of choice and debate. Anyone fool enough(Limbaugh AND Moore) to say they are left or right needs reeducation after growing some nurons. The elite don’t care if the left or right wins a s/election. They will push their agenda either way. Bush/s and Obama are equally bought and payed for puppets, who only read teleprompters and speeches written by others. They don’t make any decisions or do anything but what they are told. Wakey wakey little sheeple.

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