Conservative Hypocracy on Earmarks
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Conservative Hypocracy on Earmarks

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The Fireside Post has been criticized in the past for supporting President Obama.  The criticism often points to conservative railing points – most notably congressional earmarks in budget bills.  The last assault noted the study of the sex habits of some obscure creature in South America.  Of course, this was an exaggeration intended to discredit any argument for the President.  But the tables have been turned today.

President Obama signed a $400 Billion budget bill, including about 9,000 earmarks.  The conservatives are out in force; the wind generated could power three 600 mega watt wind turbines.  But it turns out that of 35 Senators to vote against the bill, 28 Republicans had inserted their own earmarks.  The really good example was Kentucky Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell – the biggest phony ever produced by the Senate.

Senator McConnell had inserted $51 Million in earmarks, including a provision to study the sex habits of catfish.  Whoa there cowboy – did he say study the sex habits of a fish?  Yes he did.  And this is no exaggeration.  It turns out that catfish are an important element of the Kentucky economy.  If the government helps those hill billies better understand how to get catfish to avoid first cousins – then perhaps the Kentucky catfish will be more predictable.  Thus making them easier to catch.

Mitch McConnell is probably the best suited of all of the Senators to proclaim his support of the study of sex among catfish.  Catfish are scavengers, bottom dwellers, they will eat anything – and it appears they are no less scrupulous in their sex habits.  It sort of makes one think of former Republican Senator Larry Craig, McConnell’s buddy.

Perhaps someone should earmark some money to study the sex habits of Republican Senators.

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  1. This was quite humorous. I feel the same about earmarks regardless of party affiliation. We do need some of them at times, but now is not the time. And quite honestly, as bad as we need health care reform, now probably is not the right time either. We need jobs and spending. But we do not need spending on senseless absurdities.

  2. This is where partisanship and political survival interact. Some view that the sole reason for Representatives to go to DC is to bring back money for the state. However, I disagree. One of my proposals has been to create a single “pork” bill for all of Congress to compete over, with the dollar amount subjected to increase or decrease in relationship to the economy. By creating a pork bill, it would nullify the need to attach riders and earmarks on “real” legislation, and the nation will see clearly who is taking money home and how much.

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