Pondering Faith
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Pondering Faith

I have always considered myself a Christian. Once I even thought I had a vocation. So I attempted to start online classes through a Christian University. I made it through one class which was the study of the Old Testament. What I found out, was it requires a lot of work. Anyone who has read a King James Version knows that half of those verses may as well be in a foreign language. Not to mention that a hundred years of lineage can be covered in two verses leaving the reader scratching his head.

This calling was more than saying, I love Jesus, it required more dedication than I was willing to put forth. I once heard a man tell another, whom heard his calling, to have fun on his honeymoon with Jesus. I thought it to be a rude remark to a follower of Christ until I understood that comment.

When we hear that calling, we are overcome with strong emotion and want to spread the word. Just like your honeymoon in marriage, it’s new and exciting. Once the honeymoon is over, the marriage begins, thus the work begins. Anyone who has been or is married knows of its trials. So after my honeymoon with Jesus, the work came and I gave up.

I talked to a good friend of mine and told him I wasn’t a very good Christian. His response was you are if you can admit that. I didn’t buy it, so I started thinking of what it takes to be a good Christian and who is really worthy. My conclusion is none of us really are. We all knowingly sin. I dare say that your spiritual leader’s sin.

So, if your spiritual leader sins, then what makes him or her so different than you and I. They pray everyday, probably more than just once a day, so they have more self awareness of their actions. This is the guidance they ask of the Lord. We are different because we stockpile our sins. As an example we will sin all week until Sunday, and then we ask for forgiveness. So we allow ourselves to do wrong for six days. You may say that you do not sin everyday, and it may be true, but if someone dear to you was a recovering alcoholic, would you allow them to keep a bottle of liquor in the cabinet even if they have been clean for a month.

This is not a how-to about becoming the perfect follower but rather a self revelation of the power of prayer. When I mention the power of prayer I am not referring to incantation in the sense of occultism. The power of prayer is sometimes nothing more than a daily reminder of your actions and who you serve.

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