Bonuses for Republican Big Bosses
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Bonuses for Republican Big Bosses

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AIG – yesterday’s poster child for successful business – today’s poster child for greed, corruption, and righteous indignation.  The AIG big wigs are getting big bonuses, paid for by you and me, taxpayers.  So here is the question – how do you think these folks voted last November?  Did they vote for Mr. Deregulation John McCain, or the upstart Barrack Obama?  Are they Republicans or Democrats?

They are Republicans.  People who belive that righteous behavior is measured in dollars.  These folks believe the old axiom: Nice guys finish last.  Their whole idea of life is measured in dollars.  How much did you make last year?  How big was your bonus?  Where is your summer home?  Where is your winter home?  How secure is the gate in your gated community?

How many of the regular taxpayers in this country live in gated communities?  How many regular taxpayers in this country have winter and summer homes?  Who do these degenerate capitalists support in election cycles?

I note ‘degenerate capitalists’ because our business leaders in America have lost the idea of noblese oblige – the obligation of the nobles.  We see movies all the time where the self serving King has starving peasants – begging for food.   The revolutions of historical record are in response to the selfish noble class, stealing from the peasants.  How about the warlords in Afghanistan or the tribal leaders in Africa?  They are all about power for the few.  How are the leaders of AIG different than the war lord of the middle ages?  They are not different.

The term Republican is becoming synonymous with War Lord, Tribal Leader, Dictator, and Mob Boss.  This is not an exaggeration.  Line up all of the Wall Street thugs that have robbed this country, ask each of them their party affiliation, and just count the Republicans.

They take advantage of the poor snooks who weave the fabric of Christian Fundamentalism.  These folks build mega churches, rape the congregation, and invest in AIG.  The Republican Party has catered to the mystical notion that somehow God is on their side, that God believes in wanton capitalism, that GOD created America for wealthy people to become more wealthy. They sneak illicit sex in airport bathrooms while shouting: “Onward, Christian Soldiers.”

These people are not different than the circuit preacher who sold bottles of medicine from the back of his wagon.  The difference is in scale.  The Republican leaders in Congress today are still calling for lowering taxes on the Bonus Checks for the AIG thugs.  The Republican leaders in Congress are calling for less regulation of the banking industry.  The Republican leaders in congress are still trying to convince the American taxpayer that they will have jobs if they just give Big Business a break.

Holy Cow!  Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.  Amazing Grace, and Silent Night.  Sing the tunes of the Capitalist Christian.  Sing the tunes of glorious soldiers of Christ.  And the person who sings with the most feverish vervor will get the biggest bonus.

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  1. I had no idea that all Republicans from this time forth are perverted, God fearing, war lords. Thank goodness for the Democratic party who have never had sexual relations with any woman, then lied about it to the American public, was impeached but still remained in office. But that’s the path of the Atheist.

    I’ve not once heard any Democrats in the last 10 years tell the public how much they love their country. They champion for the poor man on their middle income salaries don’t they?

    You know that swine Dick Cheney and his wife made close to 9 million dollars in 2006 and donated close to 7 million to charity. Worthless mongrels!!

  2. We are talking about the Republican leadership – those people who have duped the working class into believing the Republican cause continues to be in the interest of America.

    Sadly, many working class folks have bought in to the lies of the Republican Leadership. They are opposed to Unions (working people), They are in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy, and they pretend to be in favor of right wing moral issues – but there is no evidence to support their boasting hypocrisy.

    They have stolen the money from regular Joe’s 401K’s, and vote to reduce his social security, raise the interest he pays on credit cards, and protect the companies that send jobs to China.

    I have never been more anti Republican than I am today – after the past thirty years of stealing from the poor to inflate the rich.

    These loonies in Congress who whine about anything Obama does are the same folks who doubled our national debt by supporting anything George Bush wanted – nothing else need be said. Follow George!!!

  3. It’s a crying shame these folks have affiliated themselves with the Republican party and would probably even call themselves Conservatives. What becomes frustrating is the automatic link of Republican to Conservative. There are good thinking Conservatives who get dragged along with the repulsive RINO leadership.

    I was quite suprised and somewhat relieved to hear Jon Stewart speak against the Obama administration’s plan to have war wounded veterans use their private insurance over VA medical. I was relieved because his broadcast carries plenty of weight and regardless of his party affiliation his commentary was spot on.

    The only hope of the GOP is a revolution of our party. I believe there are good ones in there like McCain, yes, McCain who with the right folks surrounding him, can climb back to the leader he once was. Of course if things keep getting worse we could just have an all out revolution. One is coming, if anything we know history repeats itself.

  4. Mr. James,

    Well said. It is a shame that the Republican Party has been hijacked by self serving snake oil salesmen. As I have said before, Democracy is best served when people have good choices. You are absolutely correct that the Republican leadership has hijacked the title of conservative. They have led people to believe that all government regulations are horrible, justifying the loosening of the law so they could rob the bank with impunity. – There are some wonderful ‘thinking’ conservatives, Bill Buckley, George Will, David Brooks, and many more.

    Here is the problem with regulations. There are small business people who are shut down for a day or two because they failed to have exhaust fans installed in employee restrooms. Absolute, complete, bureaucratic foolishness. But the longest period of bank stability in our country’s history was after the great depression when The FDIC and SEC were formed. After 1980, the Republicans in conservative clothing (wolf in sheep’s clothing) used the small business anger to justify reducing regulations on huge global financial enterprises.

    Your hero, Woodrow Wilson, recognized the problem and established the Federal Reserve in 1913 – it was a great start but was not enough.

    Real, legitimate, conservatives are experiencing the trauma the real, legitimate,liberals felt the past forty years – having the party hijacked by fringe loonies.

    I suppose the old adage applies: What goes around comes around.

  5. I know this article is hyperbole, but I do have to take exception to the gross generalization of this article. Only the Republican Leadership owns multiple homes, hates the unions, and are supported by capitalists?

    Well, President Obama have received over 100,000 in contributions from AIG (more than John McCain over a 10-year period). Oh those darn capitalists. 2004 Presidential hopeful John Kerry owns multiple homes in multiple countries (except Italy, when he sold that home just before the election run). Oh those darn retreats. Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley $5 Million vineyard doesn’t hire union labors, even though the United Farm Workers are active in the region. Oh those union haters.

    Who are the top 10 richest politicians in Congress today (using 2008 figures)?
    – John Kerry (D): $230.98 Million
    – Jane Harman (D): $225.96 Million
    – Darrell Issa (R): $160.62 Million
    – Jay Rockefeller (D): $80.4 Million
    – Vern Buchanan (R): $65.49 Million
    – Frank Lautenberg (D): $55.33 Million
    – Dianne Feinstein (D): $52.34 Million
    – Edward Kennedy (D): $47.62 Million
    – Gordon Smith (D): $28.65 Million
    – Michael McCaul (R): $23.93 Million

    Seven out of ten are Democrats? Think all seven of those live in small houses in poor communities without at least a picket fence running around their property?

    I can go on, but you get the point. Please, don’t go down the path of being a hypocritical partisan when a small segment on the right shares similar counterparts on the left. Even the champion of the “two Americans” is a hypocrite in his own right (talking about John Edwards here). Both parties have distasteful people in power, and both parties have significant financing provided by the rich, be it corporate executives, union leaders, or investors.

  6. The criticism of this article is justified. We have fallen into the trap of Rovian Politics. ……..

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