Monetary Worth of Bush and Cheney
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Monetary Worth of Bush and Cheney

It seems to this writer that when George W. Bush entered the White House he had a net worth of about $21 Million.  I don’t recall ever hearing the worth of Dick Cheney.  When a public servant enters an office like President or Vice President they put their assets in a blind trust.  Someone else manages their money, investing without the knowledge of the trust owner.  The idea is to keep the office holder from making decisions that they would directly benefit from.

2008 was perhaps the worst year ever to be invested in the stock market.  It was not a good year to be invested in real estate.  Actually, there were not many good investments in 2008.  Bush and Cheney left office on January 20, 2009.  We suppose on of their first questions was: How much am I worth now?

If President Bush had $21 Million in January 2001, what was that investment worth in January 2009?  Did his agent invest the fortune with Bernie Madoff?  Did they invest heavily in General Motors, or General Electric, or AIG?

How might we know how much Bush and Cheney were directly impacted by their negligence – their wink and nod to Wall Street?

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  1. This is an interesting question, the answer of which I hope proves that they suffer along with the rest of us.

    Vice President Cheney disclosed a portfolio worth as much as $94.6 million in 2005. I suspect that, like the Senator from Tennessee, is managed from afar with a wink and a nod. I suspect that because Dick Cheney doesn’t seem like a man who could turn over a portfolio without exercising some control.

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