The Road to Tyranny – and other ludicrous ideas
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The Road to Tyranny – and other ludicrous ideas

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The correct place for Shawn Hannity and Michelle Bachman is on Comedy Central. These folks are breaking down with psychotic episodes of paranoia. Fortunately for people like me, Stewart and Colbert help keep this insanity in perspective.

We have ranted and blustered at the conservative right wing. Particularly during the election cycle. I am afraid I am preaching to the choir. I wish some of the conservative could see the interpretation of Hannity and Bachman by Stewart and Colbert – perhaps they would realize that they are being sadly misrepresented.

True conservatives are being insulted by the rants of Hannity and Bachman. These are tough times in America and we the people desperately need a sound debate between differing ideologies. A democracy works best when viable alternatives are offered. But these folks in the conservative media loop discredit any sound reasoning.

Check out these interpretations of the right wing media by Stewart and Colbert:

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Colbert is really at his best in this video:

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