The NRA Supports Mexican Drug Cartels
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The NRA Supports Mexican Drug Cartels

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It is the law of unintended consequences at its most maddening extreme.  In their asinine attempt to keep all forms of arms available, with the least regulation or restriction, the Nation Rifle Association has made heavy weapons available to the Mexican Drug Cartels. We don’t have enough James Bonds around to control the bad guys.

We have a war raging on our border with Mexico.  Every day the news reports of some recent atrocity.  Mexican Drug Lords are fighting with each other along the border for control of the drug trade to the United States.  Most of the weapons being used in this organized crime endeavor come from the United States.  The NRA does not endorse smuggling arms across the border.  But the NRA does protest any attempt to control the flow of assault weapons in our country.

The result is that the very popular gun shows have very little accountability.  We cannot imagine that our Founding Fathers sanctioned this behavior when the wrote the 2nd Amendment.

The NRA has to take some ownership of this astounding crime against humanity.  The gun dealers have to take some responsibility for this border war.

We are astounded that the solution advocated by gun enthusiasts is to arm every American citizen along the border.  These folks advocate arming all students at colleges – that, they profess, would have stopped the Virginia Tech mass murders last year.

I have weapons in my home.  Rifles and shotguns for hunting and sport are nat dangerous in general.  My guns are locked in a safe.  The ammunition is locked in a separate safe.  I note these facts to suggest that I am not anti-gun.  But our weapons trade is completely out of hand and something needs to be done.

The war on the Mexican Border is likely to focus the attention of our government on the gun trade.  The NRA and gun enthusiasts will scream and whine about unfair restrictions.  It strikes this writer that the gun trad is like many other things in our open and free society – if you do not regulate yourself then the government will.

The NRA would serve their constituents better by advocating practical regulations that would help prevent the extremely dangerous modern weapons of war from reaching the criminal element.

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  1. The reason for our second amendment is to protect us from a government gone corrupt. Do you really think you will be able to protect yourself against machine guns and tanks with your hunting rifle? Do you beleive that our country’s founders were concerned with our right to shoot helpless animals? Hunting was a given in their times. Freedom was their main concern. If you would like stricter gun laws, move to China. The Drug Cartels are a product of prohibition. Ever hear about the Drug Cartels in Amsterdam? Maybe if we treated drug users as patients, instead of evil-doers, drug trade wouldn’t be so profitable. I don’t think we should be supporting any government that does this to their own citizens.
    “Mexico’s death cult protests shrine destruction ”

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