Feral Children – Raised by Republicans
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Feral Children – Raised by Republicans

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New opportunities for scientific research into nature and nurture continue to present themselves.  At issue today, after thirty years of degenerate evolution of the Republican Party, is the social and intellectual skills of feral children raised by Republicans.

There are common traits now understood by anthropologists. The commonality originates in a nurturing environment of isolation, confinement, minimal human contact, and strict conformity to harsh rule.

Warning to Readers – this post shifts from humor to very serious and graphic depictions of human behavior.

Here is the one recent case study:

With the added technology of CAT Scans and MRI’s scientists have been able to differentiate between the children who suffered physical brain trauma as compared to mere social degradation.  The child in the above video had no indication of physical brain trauma.

Humans are born with a natural curiosity about the world around them.  The curiosity of the human only expands with new knowledge.  New knowledge leads normal humans to ask more questions, to seek further knowledge.  Humans alone developed the capacity to document life events through writing.  The written word had given humans the capacity to learn from past generations – mistakes do not have to be repeated.  More important is the ability to ascertain flawed thinking of previous generations – creating an environment of constant change – a constant desire to improve civilization.  Humans generally recognize the need for an open mind – open to new ideas.  That is the fundamental reason we use the word civilization – suggesting more appropriate human interaction over time.

Feral Republicans are consistently found to have lost the capacity for thinking through new ideas.  The nurtured programing has dramatically reduced the neo-cortex of the brain resulting in an automatic response of “NO.”  Complex social interaction is beyond the grasp of the feral adults.  They seem to live in a world which only grasps the concept of blunt force trauma.

Anthropologists report the social structure of Republicans dates to the neanderthals.  There is always a hierarchy – a social structure based on the biggest club.  Females are subordinate to males.  Females have no individual rights.  Smaller males are stripped of their material wealth by the larger and less sympathetic leaders.

Science is denied as heresy.  There is no recognition of the potential of stem cell research.  Global Warming is a naturally occurring event – Humans themselves are seen to discharge greenhouse gases through the normal process of breathing.  Here is an example of a feral Republican (We are not sure if the Republican is filming, or being filmed):

Religion is also hierarchical – and there is no debate or challenge to the authority of the preacher.  The preacher interprets ancient documents (The Bible, Koran, and Torah) literally when it suits his need and figuratively when necessary to maintain political control.  The ancient documents are used to justify war and the oppression of others.  Feral children learn at a very early age to repress their own natural curiosity.

Feral Republicans are taught at an early age to avoid challenging the authority of the Party.  Their challenge to authority is focused on open and free societies – not subordinate to the Republican Party.  Feral Republican children must adhere to a strict code of rigid ideology.

Feral Republican Children are taught the skills of death to others at an early age:

The disturbing news is the lack of information about how many feral children have been raised by Republicans. This is particularly disturbing given the now known psychological phenomenon of negative cognitive restructuring most commonly associated with Feral Republicanism. Most remarkable this phenomenon results in the loss of natural survival instincts – for self and children:

Please note that this post has graduated from a somewhat humorous tone to a much more serious understanding. The first Feral Republicans were found to be cute and desirable – this gave rise to an encouragement of the phenomenon. After one full generation we are now able to better understand the deeper consequences of denying a child the fundamental ability to think for himself.

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