John Denver on Global Warming
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John Denver on Global Warming

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John Denver was one of the most popular folk singers of the late 20th Century. He had the capacity to resonate with each of us – even folks in the big cities loved his music. Denver spoke to a harmony with nature, to the love of nature, to respect for nature.  What would John Denver have said about Global Warming?   We can only surmise.

The issue of Global Warming has been mislabeled.  The idea of Global Warming conjures images of sweltering days in the mid west in January.  This simply is not the case.  The projections of one or two degrees temperature rise on average is frightening enough.  A better, or more descriptive, name for Global Warming would have been Climate Change.  This is something that can make sense to regular folks who are busy surviving rather than reading the National Geographic.  We can understand that a warmer ocean means more dramatic storms.  We can understand that melting ice means rising oceans.

But wait – the harm of humans seeking power from fossil fuels and coal reaches far beyond the false argument of no human intervention in climate change.  There is stunning visual evidence of the catastrophic damage being done to our land.  Big business, with Republican flying buttresses, has been raping the land for monetary profit.  They defend themselves by claiming less expensive energy for the people of America.  I don’t remember anyone asking me if I would pay more to save the environment.

The following two videos are related – they were not designed to be related – but again we see the vision of John Denver.  He sings of West Virginia, of country roads, where he belongs.  He would be shocked at the following video of the rape of West Virginia mountains by the big coal companies.

John Denver singing Country Road: video:

The videos speak much louder than anything I might write here.

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