Arlen Spector Switches Political Parties
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Arlen Spector Switches Political Parties

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Senator Arlen Spector, a long time Republican from Pennsylvania, is reported to be poised to switch political parties.  Senator Spector has always been his own man, not necessarily following party lines.  (Don’t we all wish there were more of these types of politicians).  The powerful punch of this news rests in the power structure of the United States Senate.  With the Minnesota election going to Al Franken, and Spector switching parties, the Democrats will hold a commanding lead on the Senate.

But why?  We don not know.  We can surmise a few things.  The latest polls suggest that only 21 % of Americans identify themselves as Republican.   That party is losing ground every day.  But all politics is local – and Spector faces a tough challenge in a Republican primary in Pennsylvania.  So what is going on – is Spector just looking out for himself – just playing any game that will get him reelected.  We might think so – except that has never been the M.O of Arlen Spector.

We suspect that Spector is really tired of the Republican Party playing favorites with Radical Right Wing Extremists.   The constant barrage of apologies to Rush Limbaugh and the silliness of the RNC Chair Steele is embarrassing to strong thinkers like Arlan Spector.  Spector is probably tired of the fanatical gun lobby, the fanatical Christian Right, and the foolishness of promoting government management of marriage.

Spector is saying that he did not leave the Republican Party – the Republican Party left him.  We applaud Senator Spector for his courage and his willingness to challenge the insanity that has gripped the Republican Party.

Our question is simple – why do so many continue to associate themselves with the Republican Party?

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  1. I have a difficult time believing that the United States of American would be better served if we were all Democrats.

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