The Conservative Manifesto For American Bloodshed
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The Conservative Manifesto For American Bloodshed

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The deceptive elements of evil are alive and well within the right wing conservative movement.  These people worship at the alter of false Reaganism.  They quote Reagan as an opponent of government, when the obvious fact is that Ronald Reagan was the head of the government.  The right wing of the early 21st Century distorts the words of President Reagan to serve their own evil purpose.  Ronald Reagan NEVER advocated an armed revolution against the United States of America.

President Ronald Reagan was a proponent of minimal bureaucracy – knowing that individual bureaucrats can be thoughtless bullies.  But Ronald Reagan was a man who worked hard within the process of change dictated by our founding fathers – Ronald Reagan ran for office – accepting defeat as graciously as he later accepted victory.  President Reagan operated out of honorable principles – this writer is not a fan of Reagan’s politics – but we respect him as an honorable President.  The greatest insult to Reagan is the modern interpretation of his intentions.

Our case in point today is found at a fascist organization masquerading as the Champions of Ronald Reagan.  The following is taken directly from an email circulating through the ranks of misguided conservatives, analysis follows:


Pre-World War II Germany Moved to National Socialism As Reaction to Economic Crisis

Reaction to Bush Years Pushed U.S. Further Left Than Lenin and Marx Could Have Ever Hoped For

(Washington, D.C., April 29, 2009). Larry Klayman, former Republican U.S. Senate candidate and founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, issued the following statement today, as the nation marks President Obama’s 100th day in office – a period when he and his Democrat allies have succeeded in moving the United States a long way on the road to perhaps becoming a socialist “Republic.”

“In the years leading up to World War II, the German people were continuing to experience a deep economic recession, brought about by the policies of a right wing Weimar Republic and the effects of World War I. Taking advantage of the pessimistic and dark mood of the people, a despotic leader rose to power, claiming to be democratically elected. This leader pushed his brand of socialism on the German people, calling it ‘National Socialism’. Once taking power, he established totalitarian rule over Germany and reshaped world history.

Freedom Watch does not equate President Obama to Adolf Hitler, but the parallels of how Hitler transformed his country as a result of the people’s reaction to the incompetence of the prior Weimar Republic are noteworthy on this 100th day of Obama’s presidency, when he will take to the air waves and use his similar public speaking skills to continue to push his and his party’s move to transform our nation into a Euro style socialist state.

The American people, throwing caution to the wind, as a reaction to perhaps the most incompetent presidency in American history – the Bush-Cheney presidency – which left the nation in economic ruins much like occurred in pre-World War II Germany, have gone along with Obama’s march to the far left. Next to “W.” and Cheney and the mess they left the nation in, anything looks superficially good.

But the nation is headed down a dangerous and slippery slope, which would cause our founding fathers to turn over in their graves. The “Tea Parties” of recent weeks are only the beginning; President and Obama and his allies on the left – the secularists, feminists, gay rights advocates, international pro-UN appeasement movement, and those who feel that the United States is always wrong — have cleverly used the current economic depression to scare the people into accepting government dominance over our lives and economic fortunes.

President Ronald Reagan used to say, “The scariest words in the English language are ‘Hi, I am from the government and am here to help you. The hard fact is that government is not the answer to our problems, it is the problem,” as President Reagan added frequently.

For once government takes control, it supplants all else in society. The Marxist-Leninists worshiped at the alter of government not God. And, the more government became involved, the more corruption flourished to bribe it.

So, as President Obama uses his considerable oratory this evening on the national airwaves, just remember that individual liberties and freedom suffered at the hands of another socialist, one with equal speaking skills, and one who moved his country in the direction of eventual self destruction. Obama is not Hitler, but the parallels, during this economic depression following perhaps the worst and certainly the most incompetent presidency in modern American history, are scary,” waxed Klayman.

For an interview of Mr. Klayman call 310-595-0800.


There is great danger to America in the distortions of freedomwatchusa.  Larry Klayman failed as a politician because the regular people rejected his atrocious interpretation of America.  Note how Klayman alludes to Hitler – then quickly claims he is not making any connection.  This is a blatant effort to excuse the obvious distortions of his cause.  Drawing any parallel between President Obama and Adolf Hitler borders on treason.

It is true that Hitler came to power during an economic crisis resulting from an ill conceived war.  That much is similar to the challenge facing Obama.   But Hitler was operating in a very different form of government.  Our President is checked by the Legislative and Judicial branches of government.  Ask Richard Nixon about that – he would attest to the truth of checks and balances.

Klaymans uses the code words of conservative ire:

secularists, feminists, gay rights advocates, international pro-UN appeasement movement, and those who feel that the United States is always wrong.

This is not complicated – Klayman and his cohorts are the people saying the United States is wrong.  They are the people who reject the popular vote of the people.  They are the people who would deny the people the right to choose their President.  Klayman thinks he is clever in attaching a Marxist-Leninist label on the President of the United States:

For once government takes control, it supplants all else in society. The Marxist-Leninists worshiped at the alter of government not God.

Klayman does not want the government to control – yet he advocates a theocracy – a government that recognizes a conservative Christian God.  Klayman and his followers would have us believe that Freedom of Religion only applies to a particular Conservative Christian Religion – a sort of: believe what you want, as long as it is approved by the government.

Klayman goes on to compare President Obama’s speaking skills to Adolf Hitler, suggesting that these two men of evil are out to dupe the populace.  How can anyone see this as anything but an attempt to discredit the President of the United States – to associate our President with Nazis.

Hitler’s health care plan was located at Auschwitz.  Hitler’s economic stimulus package was building a bigger military to dominate the world. Hitler’s education plan was called Hitler’s Youth – exactly the sort of brainwashing the radical right wing of conservatism would have for our children.

Mr. Klayman mixes a few simple truths with his concoction of misinformation to lend credibility.  He insults the intelligence of most Americans.  Most people can see through this nonsense – but there are some who live lives of fear and desperation, with paranoid delusions of government domination – these are the target audience of Mr. Klayman.

The radical right wing is very dangerous.  They are armed and are following the dictates of monsters like Klayman, Limbaugh, Cheney, and Hannity.  These are the true followers of a Hitler mentality – hiding their true agenda behind false accusations against President Obama.

Revolution is openly called for.  The radical right is arming themselves.  There is blood in the air.

The bloodshed is better documented at: Radical Fanatics are a Threat to America’s Safety

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