New Ideas From the GOP?
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New Ideas From the GOP?

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Here we go.  The GOP has showcased three of their finest minds in an attempt to re-brand the old cow.  Jon Stewart is probably the best at highlighting nonsense – or perhaps he just has a great staff with good video editing capabilities.  Let’s check out the new ideas of the Republican re-branding.

Check out the new ideas from the GOP:

  • No government sponsored or involvement with health care.
  • Lower taxes.
  • Calling the Democrats names.  Socialists did not work so Romney calls them monarchists.  Stewart nailed this one – noting that monarchy is a passing of power from generation to generation.  Romney is the son of a former Governor and Presidential candidate.  And sitting with him is Jeb Bush – talk about monarchy – whew.
  • Return to the belief in ‘free markets’ – the sort of philosophy that led to the greatest global economic collapse in 70 years.
  • Provide financial incentives to education for specific training or learning.  Reminds me of China dictating the future of individual children.  Bush wants no government except when he feels the necessity.  As Stewart points out – Bush wants to subsidize certain education for the benefit of the State.
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We should all be grateful to Jon Stewart and Comedy Central.

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  1. “‘free markets’ – the sort of philosophy that led to the greatest global economic collapse in 70 years. ”

    Not so. Without government mandates that banks make risky loans to unqualified persons (anti-free market action), there would never have been a mortgage bubble.

    In appropriate Government intervention, and failure for Government to perform existing regulator control (allowance of risk hiding in selling toxic assets), are root causes. When the government takes over for the free market, one can not blame the free market for economic failure.

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