George Carlin on Saving The Planet
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George Carlin on Saving The Planet

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Check out George Carlin in this youtube video.  What is your take?  Is Carlin opposed to modern environmentalists – or is Carlin being sarcastic?

Check it out – what do you think?

Listen closely – what is Carlin’s message?

I agree wtih Carlin.  The planet will be fine – but we humans will no longer be around to appreciate nature.  The environmental threat is not to Planet Earth.  The environmental threat is to humans existing on Planet Earth.

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  1. I agree that the language is not precise in that it’s not the planet we want to save, it’s us. Carlin was so, so clever. Thanks for this.

  2. Further, the one thing we shrink from is the enormity of the challenge of saving a planet, when it should be the challenge of restoring, or keeping livable the only planet we got.

    Or, do you think that Carlin is really saying that it a impossible, hopeless challenge? I don’t think so. Sarcasm, wielded by a brilliant social commentator.

  3. Oh geez. Actually, I think he’s saying that we should get used the inevitable. We’re toast! 🙂

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