Christian Sponsored Terrorism
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Christian Sponsored Terrorism

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The Associated Press has composed a list of recent abortion-related violence.  As an aside, we find their headline rather ironic – because it suggests the violence is a result of abortion.  But more important than the headline are the facts of fundamentalist Christian violence (we prefer to call this behavior Christian Terrorism).

We have written warnings of this violence repeatedly in the past few months – the anger of the Christian Right can directly be compared and associated with Osama Bin Laden and his God – the common refrain:  Kill the infidels.  Who is an infedel?  Answer:  Anyone who does not believe as we believe.

Fear matters.  The use of fear in mass communications has raised the bar for American on American violence.  The polarization of America by the 20th Century Fundamentalists is ripe with danger.  20th Century Fundamentalism is in decline, but we hold that the violence will increase in the short term.  As the movement declines there will be the die hard cases who will attempt to revive the movement with shocking violence.

American Christian fanatics are arming themselves with sophisticated weapons of individual destruction.  The 1% rule applies to the wackos of the right.

We live in dangerous times – and the threat is from within our own Country.

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  2. It is a bit ironic that the article calls it “recent violence” when only two of the acts were in the past decade.

    On a side note, it is disingenuous to call this Christian “sponsored,” since that implies involvement by “the” church (which ever one that might be). This is more like the 0.000001% rule, or more like a random act.

  3. We intentionally used ‘Christian’ – There are many in ‘Church’ who advocate hate for anyone who does not follow their literal interpretations. When these fundamentalist preachers finally wind up some nut to an act of violence the preacher stands back with hands raised in innocence – “Hey, I never told him to actually kill anyone.”

    If you or anyone else is a Christian who does not subscribe to violence (Death Penalty, Iraq, Child Abuse) then this post was not directed at you – but if you are one of the hypocrites who advocate violence, who advocate intolerance, who advocate prejudice and discrimination against others who are different than you – then the shoe fits.

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