The Seven Points of Obama’s Cairo Speech
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The Seven Points of Obama’s Cairo Speech

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United States President Barack Obama is carrying the dove of peace.  The dove is in a cage, surrounded by the guards of ignorance, prejudice, deep anger, and fear.  President Obama would like to release the dove – but he knows he must first educate the guards.  The President is in the middle east, holding the cage of the dove high for all to see.  President Obama is defining the guards who prevent the freedom of peace.  After laying the cornerstone of humanity united, President Obama identified seven specific areas of necessity.

  1. “The first issue that we have to confront is violent extremism in all of its forms.”
  2. ‘The second major source of tension that we need to discuss is the situation between Israelis, Palestinians and the Arab world.”
  3. “The third source of tension is our shared interest in the rights and responsibilities of nations on nuclear weapons.”
  4. “The fourth issue that I will address is democracy.”
  5. “The fifth issue that we must address together is religious freedom.”
  6. “The sixth issue that I want to address is women’s rights.”
  7. “Finally, I want to discuss economic development and opportunity.”

President Obama was not just lecturing the folks in the Middle East – he was speaking to all Americans.

Christian violent extremism in America has led to acts of terror on others – from the wacky Phelps of Topeka, Kansas, to the murder of Doctor Tiller – by chance also in Kansas.  Other extremists in America center their attention on single issues – particularly around ‘the right to bear arms.’

The Israeli and Palestinian conflict is distorted in America.  There is a presumption of guilt applied to the Palestinians – the presumption is based on ignorance and fear.  Most of the extremists in America do not understand this conflict, and they presume that any concession to the Palestinians is detrimental to the security of the United States.

Nuclear Weapons have haunted humanity for sixty plus years.  While nuclear weapons have not been used in sixty years the horrific consequences are more than any Government has been willing to cause.  Our times have changed – less stable Governments seek nuclear power, terrorist organizations seek nuclear power, The United States, China, France, Russia, India, and Pakistan possess enough nuclear bombs to destroy all of humanity.  President Obama recognizes this insanity – and he is not alone – the problem is how to eradicate this threat to humanity.  While the President spoke in general terms – it was clear that Iran was a specific target of his words – Iran will not be allowed to possess a nuclear bomb.

President Obama used the word ‘democracy.’  He certainly articulates his intent better than I – but essentially he said that all people have a right to a government that supports basic freedoms – freedoms that are defined by the people.  President Obama was in no way suggesting that we should impose any form of government on any other country.

As the President spoke of religious freedom my mind wandered from the middle east to the conflict of religion in America.  Fundamentalist Christians rebel whenever our government insures equal opportunity for all faiths on government property.  Ironically, these same ‘Christians’ whine and cry about religious dictates in Muslim dominated countries.  The Christian extremists are no different that the Muslim extremists.

When the President speaks of women’s rights he is adamant that he has no intention of dictating culture.  The President is merely calling for equal opportunities for women in all countries.  The term, ‘equal opportunity,’ raises the hackles of some in America.  Regrettably, bureaucratic missteps in enforcing an open society, equal for all regardless of race or gender or faith, have caused some disastrous injustice.  But we must look at the whole, and learn from the individual cases of injustice.  President Obama stresses the rights of women as essentially the right to equal education.  Education is seen as an inoculation against injustice.  We agree.

We live in a global economy.  Some of the wacky right talk of a ‘new world order’ and fight any concept of global inclusion.  Conspiracy theories abound.  The reality of the world economy of 2008 and 2009 is the most clear demonstration of the need for economic success in all countries.  The global economy happened while many were busy complaining about school prayer and the right to own a machine gun.  Our reality today is a need to organize and cooperate on an economic global scale.

We are somewhat surprised that the President did not mention global climate change and the need for all to work together to minimize the harm humanity does to the Earth’s atmosphere.  Perhaps the President was smart enough to know that this particular venue was floating on a sea of oil.  Probably not a good place to critique the use of fossil fuels.

Again – is proud of our President.  We are proud that he speaks truth – sparing none from reality.

Are these seven points the beginning or outline of an Obama Doctrine?

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  1. I have one objection to all of this, and it is President Obama’s use of Christianity for political purposes. The phrase “Right Wing Extremism” offends me. My Christianity has nothing to do with my political affiliation. I was a Christian and a Democrat long before I was a conservative Christian. I have never owned a gun in my life – Don’t like them – am afraid of them – have even had one held to my head – but defend everyones right to bear arms.

    According to President Obama – because I have evolved in my faith, and come to believe that abortion is wrong – because I believe in 2nd amendment rights – and because I call myself a “conservative Christian” – I belong on a “terrorist watch list” I am deeply offended by this Political Strategy.

  2. Hastings1066 – I agree with you 100% – Even if I’m not a Democrat.

    I can understand Obama wanting to make peace with other countrys, but what makes me MAD – is HE & his cabniet tuns the tables and BLAMES AMERICA for all wrong they can come up with. Like with the GUNS going into Mexico. NOT!!! I did my home work – Other countrys have shipped these in – America has only 17% – others are from 45% – up to 65% – GUNS sold to south America. Most for the drug cartel.

    What really up-sets me – Is our American Police going after a lot of Peachers – aresting them for spreading the word of GOD – Having Bible Styudys in their own homes. It’s getting worse. Sooo many of our RIGHTS are being taken away.

    Also – Did you know – there are here in America – over 35 Terrorist Training Camps in the US – YAAAAA! And nothings being done about them. I seen a vidio on the web the other day – The guards at these WON’T let any Americans in. Not even Police!
    Here’s a LINK to check-em our for yourself – YAHOO SEARCH –;_ylt=A0geu77tFyNKCCcBFHxXNyoA?p=Terrorist+Camps+in+US+-+Where+are+they%3F&y=Search&fr=ush1-mail&fr2=sb-top&rd=pref&sao=1

    Then it don’t help America with Obama and many others calling White Americans “Racists”! Sooo many are not! I’m not one – I have friends from many different countrys, and THEY see this and are mad about it.

    When my kids were real small – we lived in the country – The first time they seen a black man – “Out of the mouths of babes” They said – Ohhh mama, a chocolate man. I told them yaaa, and your vanilla! But I also pointed out – “GOD made sooo many people different colors, from different countrys – ALL OF US ARE GODS PERSONAL SPECIAL RAINBOW”!!! They loved that!

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