The Zodiac Predicts Modern Holidays
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The Zodiac Predicts Modern Holidays

Astrology – the predictor of the Christ.  The three wise men followed their star charts to find the young King of men in his manger.  Who, we ask, can argue with the validity of astrology.  Even today, some 2,000 years later – the Zodiac accounts for, and often predicts, the activities of American holidays.

I have never been intimately associated with Astrology.  The extent of my education is in the daily local newspaper.  Every day there is a printed horoscope – granting advice to the weary, woeful, and wacko alike.  My eyes are drawn to the printed word – to the advice of the Zodiac.  The feeling is rather like imagining God – is this true, or is this not true?  The answer by Clem down in Oak Holler is simple – better to believe and be wrong than to deny and be wrong.

So I dutifully read my daily horoscope – on the chance that this might be true.  If I am wrong – so what? I wasted all of about twenty seconds of my day.  Something amazing struck me as I read the predictions and advice – I realized that the stars accurately predict holiday activity.

Let me give some examples from the daily printed wisdom – after all,  the proof is in the pudding.

February 14 horoscope:

Love will find you dawdling.  Deliver flowers personally to one you love and you will be rewarded.

April 1 horoscope:

Be careful of facts or rumors today – others will be trying to mislead you.

Easter horoscope:

Be gracious and generous today.  Others will feel your humility and respond in kind.  Go to a social event and enjoy friends and relatives.

Fourth of July horoscope:

Friends and family will gather for festivities.  A feeling of pride will lead the day.  Beware of evening – watch for danger.

Thanksgiving horoscope:

This is a time of reflection, a time to take stock of family and friends.  Be grateful for your blessings.  Watch for gluttony.

Christmas Eve horoscope:

Merriment abounds.  Not all are happy.  Remember it is better to give than to receive.

No kidding.  These things really happened.  I know you are all astonished.  When we consider mere daily predictions they might seem shallow and unimportant.  But when we encapsulate the totality of honest predictions there can be no denying truth.  I have to challenge all non believers in Astrology.  How could the predictions be so accurate if there was no enlightened science, no validity, no printed word?

We are truly blessed to live in a time of modern science.

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