2010 Dancing with the Stars – Get rid of Tom Delay
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2010 Dancing with the Stars – Get rid of Tom Delay

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The choice of Tom Delay as a contestant on the 2010 Dancing with the Stars ABC program was a mistake.  A huge mistake.  Tom Delay is a disgraced United States Republican Congressman who resigned because of a money laundering scandal.

I admit that Dancing with the Stars often grants has-beens a chance at redemption.  Check out Donny Osmond, Mr. Gross Reality Show Contestant.  Osmond has been desperately seeking to regain celebrity status since he lost touch in 1981.  But hey, Osmond is no criminal.  He never stole any money from U.S. taxpayers.  He never sold his patriotism for a fast buck.

And how about that young man, the son of George Harrison.  Ashley looks like his dad, and I see the old man is in the audience.  I am an old man so some nostalgia never hurts.  What is his rationale for being on the show – does he hope to be discovered – land a movie deal or something.

Chuck Liddel will be amusing for sure.  He could break Chuck Norris’ face in a second.  But it looks like he may be another L.T.  – great macho athlete who cannot dance.

I like Aaron Carter – but I had no idea who he was.  He has some potential as a dancer.

Dancing 2010 has a good cast of characters, good judges, good hosts, and a very workable format.  Contestants really are challenged to perform at a very high level of ball room dancing.

So get rid of the corrupt politician.  Delay serves only to discredit an otherwise entertaining show.

More later.

7:54 PM CST – I just watched Donnie Osmond dance.  He actually has a chance at this competition.

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