Delonte West, Bi-Polar Cavalier Carries Guns
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Delonte West, Bi-Polar Cavalier Carries Guns

feature photo has an interesting and misleading story about Delonte West, that wacko white guy playing basketball for the Cavaliers.   West claims problems with Bi-Polar disorder.  Here is the deal, there are millions of people with Bi-Polar and they never carry guns.  The story begins with this:

On Friday when the news broke that Delonte West had been arrested after reportedly being found with a militia’s-worth or ammunition after he was pulled over for cutting off a police a cruiser in the D.C. area…

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported:

CLEVELAND — Cavaliers guard Delonte West is facing weapons charges after being pulled over on his motorcycle while carrying a small arsenal near his Maryland home late Thursday night.

Prince George’s County police said West was carrying two concealed handguns and a shotgun when he was pulled over on Interstate 495 near his offseason home in Brandywine, Md. around 10 p.m. Corporal Clinton Copeland said West was speeding and cut off a police cruiser while riding on his three-wheeled 2009 Can-Am Spyder motorcycle.

Dimemag further reported:

West opened himself up to the fans by talking about his struggle with bipolar disorder. It not only endeared him even more to the fan base that was attracted to his style of play and personality, but also to people who have battled mood disorders and depression. Mail poured into the Cavs from people who West had inspired.

I don’t care about Delonte West or the Cavaliers or even the NBA.  But I get very tired of people using excuses like Bi Polar for their behavior.  I am not a Psychiatrist or even a Barber, but I know people with Bi Polar and they live perfectly normal lives.  No one would know they were bi polar if they did not tell anyone.

West reportedly had two hand guns and a shotgun strapped to his back in a guitar case.  This behavior is not recognized anywhere as a symptom of bi polar.  This behavior is not recognized as a side-effect of bi polar medication.  This behavior is bizarre, it is dangerous, it is cavalier in a country governed by law.

I just wish the media would be more careful with reporting stories like this.  Real people with bi polar become less likely to talk about their illness, and less likely to seek help with their illness.  Bi polar disorder has been around a long time – it is easily treated with several different medications.  It is not an illness that causes dangerously bizarre behavior.

Even the mentally ill people of America recognize Delonte West as a real nut job.

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  1. Are you kidding me? You have got to be one of the most ignorant idiots on the face of the Earth. You know people with bipolar, huh? How well do you know these people? Do you live with them? See them every single day? Because if you did, you wouldn’t be making ridiculous statements like you did. First of all, Bipolar is NOT easily treated. It takes most people an average of 5-10 years of medication trial and error to finally come up with something that works good enough to where they can live a semi-normal life. Second, if a medication is NOT right, it can make you extremely depressed to the point that you are suicidal, or extremely manic to the point that you’re robbing stores and not giving a damn about it.

    Bipolar is one of the leading causes of disability in the US, due to the fact that it DOES cause bizarre behavior and debilitating depression. You’re just an idiot who has no idea what he is talking about, because if you did then you wouldn’t be making such comments.

    Read a book.

  2. I can only say this, most people with bi-polar disorder do not have rap sheets, they have no reason to engage the criminal justice system. The percentage of bi-polar people engaged with the criminal justice system is about the same as the percentage of people without bi polar disorder.

    Carry guns is not a symptom of bi polar. Robbing stores is not a symptom of bi polar. Quit using a legitimate mental illness as an excuse to be a criminal.

  3. There is nothing in the dimemag story about his being bipolar or under treatment of any kind.

  4. Sorry if it seems like an excuse to you, but the facts seem to remain. He was found with 2 hand guns and a shotgun on his back. And, he struggles with what I can only assume is professionally diagnosed bipolar disorder. Perhaps he’s paranoid as well?

    Perhaps you need some light shed on the situation:

  5. I’m sorry but your just dumb. Delonte should have never done that and he was dumb. I am disappointed But, really? The man has issues, ok. I knew him when he was a player at Saint Joe’s in Philadelphia. He actually coached my brother. He was great, my brother now 17 still talks about it. He also coached at a bunch of camps. Parents loved him. He was respectful kind and all of the above. But still I can remember my father being shocked when news came out in Delonte’s sophmore year that he punched out a trainer. Thats when things started changing. I can remember hearing about the horrible children he had. He never stayed in one home for more then a few months. He father was gone for his childhood, I believe he came back when Delonte hit the scene as a basketball star. He was always shaky. Many people called him dumb, but he really is just one those deep people. Bipolar isnt an excuse for the things he did,but in his situation, it has an effect. Theres plenty of guys who do this stuff with no condition. Delonte can do a lot of good. I hate to see him struggle in this way.

  6. I am very infuriated with AC’s comments. I live with Bipolar. It did not take me 5 to 10 years of medication to “normalize” myself. It is a disease just like diabetes. It is people like you that scrutinize others and create the stigma around this disease. You read a book. Educate yourself. I am a very successful accountant who lives a very normal life. Yes, I am bipolar disorder and papers to prove it. Where is your psych analyses. It sounds like you need one. Shame on you.

  7. Amy – you are a champion.

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