President Obama Is Not Like Other Liberals
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President Obama Is Not Like Other Liberals

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President Obama is not in the same league, the same class, the same stratus as the rest of us liberal thinkers.   The rest of us enjoy a good old fashioned fight.  President Obama seems to steer clear of roughhousing.   Who does he think he is – the President?

Keith Olberman loves a food fight.  If Bill O’Reilley throws a custard pie, Olberman will throw a cherry pie back.  Is there a day that goes by that Olberman is not throwing rocks at Rush Limbaugh?   Olberman likes to jump on any bandwagon that hauls dirt to George Will’s back yard.

And how about Rachel Maddow?  She seems more inclined to the finer points of debate.  Maddow will just come right over to her neighbor’s door, police in tow, to warn about loud music.  When the police tell the neighbor to turn the music down Maddow just smiles at the camera – enough said?

And whooeee, what about that Huffington Post?  I checked a few minutes ago – the Headline is about the ‘Governator’ of California endorsing health care reform.  And Sotomayer asked more questions in an hour than Thomas has asked in years.  That Arianna is not waiting around for someone to throw a pie in her face – She stayed up all night baking – her guns are loaded.

Nope, President Obama is not like the rest of us.  We love to have the last word.  We like to throw the last pie.  We love the moral imperative of noise pollution.  We love to stand on the playground and call the children in the other class names.

But what does President Obama do?  He calls the other fellow and asks his opinion.  That other fellow just put a sack of dog poop on Obama’s front porch and set it on fire.  His buddy tried to slash the tires on Obama’s car – but who knows what those tires are made of?

President Obama says, ‘Let’s talk about this.  Maybe we can find common ground.’

The Republican is aghast!  How dare he suggest a compromise!  If we compromise then what are we going to whine around about on the evening news?  Boehner in the House cannot grasp the concept of mutual interest; acting in the interest of the country.  McCain just says, ‘I have the greatest respect for Sarah Palin’s family.’  Nobody asked.   And how about that Mitch McConnell in the Senate.  Has anyone ever seen or heard of a legislator ever being so childish.

The masters of the food fight are having a great time with the economy, health care reform, the war in Afghanistan, the auto companies,  you name it – anything is cause for an Animal House style food fight.

As I sit hear weak and weary I realize that Liberals and Conservatives have one thing in common with each other – something the President lacks – it is called immaturity.

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