Dancing With The Stars 2010 – Champion’s Dance-Off
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Dancing With The Stars 2010 – Champion’s Dance-Off

We have enjoyed nine seasons of dancing with the stars.  Some of the celebrities were better dancers than they were celebrities.  Some should have remained anonymous.  But each season identified the best dancer – and each of the season champions should come back for a Champion’s Dance-Off Season.

A quick recap:

Season One:  Kelly Monaco won with Alec Mazo as her professional instructor.  Not bad.

Season Two: Drew Lachey won with Cheryl Burke as the professional instructor.  Drew was a natural dancer.

Season Three:  Emmitt Smith won with Cheryl Burke as the instructor.  Burke proved she could choreograph alll dances.  Emmitt proved to be the most improved of the season.

Season Four:  Apolo Anton Ohno triumphed with Julianne Hough as the instructor.  This was Julianne’s breakout year and proved she is a celebrity in her own right.

Season Five:  Helio Castroneves had the advantage with Julianne Hough as the instructor.   He is a great dancer – but take nothing away from Julianne.

Season Six:  Kristi Yamaguchi was the perfect partner for Mark Ballas – Kristi is the most entertaining of all the champions – she would win in any dance-off.

Season Seven:  Brooke Burke benefited from Derek Hough’s energy – he is a good instructor and Brooke was dominant from the start.  She could give Kristi a run for her money.

Season Eight:  Shawn Johnson benefited from the talented instruction of Mark Ballas.  But never underestimate Shawn – she has performed on larger stages and under more pressure – her work ethic and athletic skills earned her the ‘most improved’ dancer of all eight seasons.

Season Nine:  There are five dancers left as of this writing – we will provide updates as the season progresses – but we are putting out money on Mya.  Here she is in a video:

So here is the idea – Each of these champions should be invited back for a special Season of the Champions.

The Fireside Post believes Kristi Yamaguchi to be the best – and would likely win any competition.

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