The Necessity of a Public Trail For Terrorists
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The Necessity of a Public Trail For Terrorists

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Five terrorists are being brought to New York from Gitmo to be tried for masterminding the assault on the World Trade Center in on 911.   This trial must not only happen – it must be very public. Court sanctioned evidence must be presented and tested.  Guilty or innocent – the trial must go on.

The History Channel and NatGeo already have programs about the variety of conspiracy theories around the 911 tragedy.  There must be several hundred hours of documentaries about the conspiracies around the assassination of JFK.  How many times have we heard about the ‘government cover-up’ at Roswell, New Mexico.  People continue to believe there are aliens living in an underground Holiday Inn in the mystical ‘Area 51.’

What are the conspiracy theories around Pearl Harbor?  Did Franklin Roosevelt know of the imminent attack and allow it to happen so he could have popular support to enter the war?  That is so ludicrous that we should not even have to talk about it – but talk we do because there has been no definitive statement of court evidence to dispel the nonsense.

We have the opportunity to certify the truth about what happened on 911.  This trail will expose Al Quaeda for what it is – we need not speculate because we will know the truth soon enough.

Perhaps we should have a trial for George Bush and Dick Cheney – history will be left to the conspiracy theorists to determine the cause of the invasion of Iraq.

Without a public trial Sarah Palin will run for President in 2012 arguing that we should attack Hawaii because it is the foreign country that masterminded 911.

I must be careful not to give her any ideas.

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