Curse The Kansas City Chiefs
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Curse The Kansas City Chiefs

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Cursed.  Or cursed.  We can only know for sure that we curse our favorite NFL Team – the Kansas City Chiefs.  Clark Hunt made a valiant effort last year to change the course of dismal tomfoolery exhibited virtually every Sunday in the fall football season.  But this team has to rank among the all-time worst ever – even for Kansas City.

The Chiefs are so embarrassing that I cannot even take a nap during their game.  The ho-hum play of the past few years was an opportunity to rest on the couch, dozing in front of the television.  But the Todd Haley era has begun with such disaster that it is impossible to sleep through the game.

As I type the Chiefs are playing the Denver Broncos at Kansas City.  It is near the end of the third quarter and Cassell, the 70 Million dollar quarterback is 7 of 21.  Cassell threw several bad passes.  And the passes he threw correctly were dropped by a host of baffoons who pretend to be Professionals.

Charles just fumbled the ball and Denver returned the recovered ball for a touchdown.

What is going on with the Kansas City Chiefs?  Why?  Why does it seem impossible to bring any talent to Kansas City?  It is as if Kansas City recruits from the Detroit Lions reject list.

This season is just too disheartening.  The Chiefs should announce they will forfeit the remainder of their games.  The fans should be relieved of the weekly anxiety.  Scott Pioli, the new General Manager,  should begin the search for a new head coach and a new quarterback and a new offensive line and, well – you get the idea.

About the only thing the Chiefs management did correctly this year was to dump the thug Larry Johnson.  Duane Bowe is out for four games – suspended for substance abuse.  He should be kicked off the team too.  If we cannot win any games at least we can have some dignity by having class people on the team.

We are embarrassed to live on the west side of the State of Missouri.

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