Really Tired of Liberal Complaining
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Really Tired of Liberal Complaining

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It is just me – or has the left wing of the liberal loonies gone completely Rovian.  You surely remember Karl Rove – the master of negative Rovian Politics (RP’s).  Liberal wackos like Arianna Huffington and Ed Shultz are taking their cues from Mr. Rove.  In rural Missouri parlance it is called: Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!

Are these folks never happy?  On balance, this country is so much better than it was just one year ago.  But that is not good enough for the wacky pundits who only understand belligerent discourse.  These people became so accustomed to bitching during the disastrous Bush Administration that they have forgotten how to speak with generosity and thoughtfulness.  It seems they really don’t care who is in the White House or who has control of the Congress – they want their way or they will cry and whine and huff and puff and piss and moan – you get the idea.

Arianna Huffington distortionCheck this picture of Arianna Huffington.  It is easy to distort truth – it is easy to complain – is it easy to attack.  It is easy to make fun of someone.  What is difficult is governing this country in a politically charged atmosphere – an atmosphere that Huffington hopes to lead.  She appears to not care where we go – just so long as she gets to look important along the way.

So what has happened in this past year that has both the Republicans and the left wing liberals so up in arms about?

Dick Cheney Darth VaderObama has completely changed the image of America in the world community (That is why he received the Nobel Peace Prize – he changed the dialogue from antagonism to rational deliberation.)

Obama helped divert an economic crisis that threatened to make the Great Depression seem like a tea party in London.  No one is happy about the need for government intervention in Corporate America – but the thought of allowing the economy to completely collapse was too horrendous to imagine.

Obama signed health care legislation for children in the first weeks of his Presidency.

Bush giving a thumbs upObama has committed our country to closing Guantanamo – that nasty little blemish on the idea of an overbearing government.  Huffington and Shultz seem to be allergic to anything reasonable – anything that is thought out before acted on.   (It is ironic that the right wing complains about the government being too big – the government threatening to take away rights (read gun control) – but these people think that same government has the right to declare someone an enemy combatant with no rights to legal representation.  Where are the boundaries?  Might Obama just declare Mitch McConnell an enemy combatant and ship him off to a secret prison somewhere and hold him indefinitely?  Don’t anyone suggest this out loud – it might be too tempting.)

The Congress is on the verge of passing the most sweeping domestic social legislation around health care in the past forty years.  President Obama is ready to sign the bill.  The Republicans are clear – health care is reserved for those who have the money to pay for it.  No money – no matter.  But the real twist is the bitching of the liberal left.  It appears now that there will be no public option (something this magazine has whole-heartedly supported).  But so what?  The President and the Congress have knocked a big hole in the dam of class values.

John McCain AngerHow about Afghanistan?  President Obama gave his closest advisers – Obama with Clinton and Gatesincluding the Conservative Bob Gates and the Liberal Hillary Clinton, along with the Joint Chiefs and anyone else with enough sense to have successful forty year careers – the opportunity to express, in confidence, their true beliefs about fighting loosely defined enemies.  Obama accepted recommendations of his staff – and he is holding them accountable for what they promise.

So what is wrong with the liberals loonies?  I have been proud to support the President.  I remain proud – even more so than during the campaign.  I am proud that President Obama has chosen to govern from the rational center.  He clearly seeks a progressive agenda – but he moderates his action with a clear acceptance of reality.  What is wrong with that?  Absolutely nothing!

President Obama has launched a job creation process.  He gave the economic stimulus some time to work and finding the progress less than satisfactory he has shifted gears to encourage job creation.  That is just wise.

Every liberal progressive political pundit in America should be forever grateful for the progress of President Obama.  This man is tackling some of the biggest issues of the day with steady calm deliberation.  He does not shoot from the hip like Bush and Cheney, neither does he insist on every element of every piece of legislation being exactly what he demands.

President Obama understands leadership.  He understands that leadership does not flog the sailors when the wind pushes the Ship of State off course.  President Obama weighs course corrections and takes appropriate action.

Obama serious lookPresident Obama is a serious man.  President Obama has the courage to do the right thing at the right time, regardless of pundit bitching.  The is proud of President Obama.

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  1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful post.

    As I read your final words, “the is proud of President Obama”, it sadly ocurred to me how seldom I see or hear that statement professed these days. What has happened to the enthusiastic throngs of supporters from merely one year ago, I wonder. I find it very sad that the pundits, as well as many on the left, are so very critical of him at every turn, it’s as if they expected him to change the world in 11 months and are livid that he has not lived up to their expectations. My intention is not to imply that he should never be critisized, or that we should not hold him accountable for his decisions which affect us all – but I feel we need to remember how very fortunate we are to have such a wise, confident and fair minded man at the helm leading the way.

    For me anyway, it all boils down to one thing – I trust him. I certainly have never been able to say that about any previous President (or any politician for that matter).

    I too, firesidepost, and PROUD of President Obama!

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