Jay Leno Uses Humor as Defense
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Jay Leno Uses Humor as Defense

Jay LenoJay Leno has taken some hits this past week.  With his ‘prime time’ show canceled, pulled, and jerked off – Leno is looking to return to the late night carnival circuit.  Pushed out of the game of dominoes is Conan O’Brian.  Conan’s ratings (the true measurement of media) have fallen far behind Dave Letterman.  None of this is disputed – at issue is whether Leno is pushing Conan out of NBC and the Tonight Show.

Many celebrity types have come to the defense of Conan.  Leno is taking it on the chin as the bad boy of late night comedy.  Check out this monologue by Leno – an attempt to lighten the load, to deflect attention, to minimize his role in the late night shake up.

Normally thefiresidepost.com doesn’t care about late night television – except when monologues add value to our discussion of daily political events. But we have to admit that this wrangling of major media is intriguing.

Check out Jimmy Kimmel using ironic humor to get Leno on Leno’s own show:

Dave Letterman has been spinning hay into gold with the NBC fiasco. Check him out:

And finally we have Conan himself – he seems to be the martyr of late night. But Conan uses some pretty stiff humor in his own defense:

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