The Problem is Heterosexuals in the Military
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The Problem is Heterosexuals in the Military

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My son is a flaming heterosexual.  He does not attempt to hide this fact, but neither does he go around broadcasting his sexual preferences.  Our family chose to just ignore his life style.  When he was twenty years old he joined the Navy.  It was some time during his four year tour of duty that I realized that the problem with the United States Military is all of those heterosexuals they blindly let join.

He was in the service back in the days when long distance calling actually cost some money – but that was not an issue – I told him to call any time he felt he needed to talk.  One evening he called and said, “Dad, I am in a Navy port on the Mediterranean – somewhere in South France.  There is nothing here but dirty bars and whore houses.”

What could I say?  I replied as cordially as possible, “Son, stay out of those bars.”

Gay MarinesBut you see the problem right away.  Wherever the United States Military goes they bring heterosexual corruption with them.  Even the camps in Vietnam were surrounded with shanties of ill-repute.  Think about that – a house of ‘ill-repute.’  That cannot possibly be a good thing.  The French and Vietnam examples are intended to highlight the problem with heterosexuals in the Military.  What do they call those same places that cater to homosexuals – closets of ill-repute?  Who knows?  We might never know because homosexuals are not the problem.

My son told me about other heterosexuals – some of them were prejudiced against anyone not of their persuasion.  He said the homosexuals respected the rights of others to live as they wanted.  So what is the deal?  It seems that someone who makes the rules is prejudiced.  Right here in the 21st Century – can you imagine.

My daughter married a Marine.  Their son was born while my son-in-law was stationed at Camp LaJuene somewhere on the Atlantic coast in the Carolinas.  I traveled there to see my new grandson.  I was shocked to see the establishments surrounding the Marine Camp – clearly signs of heterosexual domination of the Marines.  So, I realized, the problem was not with France or Vietnam – the only common denominator was the simple fact that the Military allows heterosexuals to join and practice their wanton life style when not on duty.

It makes me so mad I could just spit.

As an aside – my son said he knew six people who were discharged because of don’t ask don’t tell.  He said five of them were heterosexual – they just wanted out of the Navy so they claimed homosexuality.  The Navy granted them an annulment.  It was as if they never existed.

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  1. It doesn’t matter of you’re gay, straight (as I am) or anything else, so long as you perform your job without letting your hormones get in the way.

    On that count, this story I think misses the point in being angry at “the simple fact that the Military allows heterosexuals to join and practice their wanton life style when not on duty.” The REAL problem is that there is ANY difference in behavior between gays and straights while ON DUTY. Straights in general are allowed to “act straight” as it were, and even engage in sexual behavior, such as holding hands and kissing. The problem is that gays are not allowed the same right to hold hands and swap spit. Personally, I’m straight, and of the “get a room” ilk when it comes to watching other people play public tonsil hockey.

    But its when ON-DUTY soldiers are allowed to be “openly straight,” whereas gays aren’t afforded that right. The solution, I believe, is for all on-duty troops to ACT ASEXUAL WHILE ON-DUTY.

    To beg the question, there should be NO LAW that dictates rights based on sexual preference. The only rule the military needs is to enforce a zero-sexuality behavioral code for those on duty, while on duty.

  2. Hey BobQ – you missed the satire.

    But you make interesting points. We humans are fundamentally social creatures – and a big part of our social nature is invested in our sexuality. There may be no way around this – perhaps with specialized training – I don’t know.

    It comes down to this: All of us need to be more aware of our prejudices. Harry Truman forced integration in the armed services by Presidential order. The soldiers had to learn to live with their new circumstances – and they did.

  3. Nice twist on Homosexuality in the military. I wouldn’t lay all the blame on the military though, it’s the vultures that prey on unsuspecting new guys. A lot of Commands outlaw a lot of these places, but that still won’t stop temptation unless it’s completely removed.
    There is a unique sinful ecosystem surrounding most active duty bases. This system consists of Payday loan centers, bars, strip bars, tattoo parlors, car lots and cheap housing, such as trailer parks.
    So a typical night out would be as follows: get yourself cleaned up in your trailer, go get a 400% intrest payday loan, go to the bar, get drunk, get a tattoo, then go to a strip bar and waste the rest of your money.
    These places
    This behavoir will never change, it is a lot like the prison system. I believe to really have a great success rate at rehabilitation of inmates, they need not be housed together.
    I’m straying a little but the point is when there are that much testosterone crammed together idling on base, this will happen. To look at it another way, combat is an effective tool in keeping this under control, but we can’t fight wars 24/7.

  4. Captain America:

    I laughed out loud at your typical night out – you stated this much better than I did.

    To get serious – perhaps some financial counseling immediately following basic training would be useful A half day seminar could warn young men from rural America about the dangers of payday loans, wise automobile purchases, etc.

    I can hardly type because I am still laughing at your description of a typical night out.

  5. I can’t think straight right now, but I think I agree!

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