Steven Colbert, FOX, and Global Warming
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Steven Colbert, FOX, and Global Warming

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It is February – in North America.  It is snowing, and the temperature hovers around freezing.  In two months it will be April, the average daily temperature will hover around 55-60 degrees.  What can this possibly mean?  Can this mean that North America’s climate is seasonal – or does this mean the global weather is out of control and flailing around – vacillating indiscriminately between hot and cold?

The Easter United States has taken a big hit from precipitation in the form of snow – remarkably, this is not the first time it has snowed in Washington, D. C.  Climatologists are now saying they expect snow in Washington, D. C. again this time next year – clearly demonstrating their scientific prowess.  And no one is arguing with them on this point.  What does that tell you about Global Warming?

It tells me that there is a high pressure weather pattern over Greenland which is causing the jet stream to veer south over mid-Canada – blasting the continental United States with cold air.  Moisture in the atmosphere from the El Nino in the Pacific trails across the United States from West to East – mixing with the cold arctic air – and miraculously produces large quantities of snow.

What does this tell the nasty narrators  at FOX News – it tells them that Al Gore is preaching “hysterical” ideas about Global Warming.  Free speech is one thing, shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater is another.  FOX commands a global theater – thus they must have global responsibility regarding freedom to say any damn thing they want.

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States grants freedom of speech.  But over the years various courts and legislative bodies have defined some limits – like the fire in the theater thing.  Abortion protesters must remain at least a hundred feet from abortion clinics, registered sex offenders must not live within one thousand feet of an elementary school, and Orson Wells must grant disclaimers on national broadcasts of alien invasions.  The difference between FOX News and Orson Wells is that FOX is not kidding – they actually believe what they are saying.

Steven Colbert has aptly challenged FOX (again) for their misleading and irresponsible reporting.  Check him out:

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