How to Lose a Political Majority in Ten Months
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How to Lose a Political Majority in Ten Months

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This past decade should have taught the politicians in Washington D. C. a thing or two about how to lose a majority in Congress.  The shenanigans on the hill are just not well tolerated by the voting public.  Each of the two dominant political parties have won and lost majorities by foolish political wrangling.  Did Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid make a bet with each other to see who could lose their chamber fastest? They are acting like this Congress is some b-rated teeny-bopper movie.

The Republicans owned Washington for most of the first decade of the 21st Century.  What did they do?  They failed to demonstrate any creative leadership – voting the party line on issues like an ill McCain toung gaffadvised war in Iraq, reducing taxes while fighting two wars, ignoring any sensible regulations on Wall Street and Banking – the list goes on.  The point is that these Republicans lost the Congress and the White House by being irresponsible puppets of the Party Leadership.

The Democrats took charge and immediately began fighting with each other over issues like the war in Afghanistan (to surge or not to surge), health care (all or nothing), Bank bailouts (to regulate or not to regulate), jobs (define job!), TARP (something used to cover your tracks) – this list goes on as well.  The point is that nothing was accomplished by the party in control.  Democratic Senator Evan Bayh announced today that he will not seek reelection.  This is just another of the falling dominoes of the Democratic Party.

bush-mccain-rove-three stoogesThe electorate has clearly said to Congress and the White House:   Return to a system of legitimate, healthy, constructive discourse.  Compromise on behalf of progress in America.

It seems as if no one on Capital Hill understands that this country is at a crossroads – the right decisions will lead to stable prosperity – the wrong decisions will lead to a steady decline of American world dominance.

The electorate is angry.  Each party blames the other.  Neither party seems to understand that the American People are worn out by the political nonsense of Washington D. C.  The American people no longer define themselves by Party affiliation.  Who wants to be associated with lunacy?

And that is exactly what we are witnessing in party politics – total lunacy.

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